Currituck: No charges for owners of pig hurt in attack


A family pig attacked by the family's dogs earlier this week is shown in this photo, posted on Currituck County's Facebook page.


By William F. West
Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CURRITUCK – The owners of a pig injured in an attack by the owners’ dogs will not face criminal charges in the incident, Currituck officials said Wednesday. 

County spokesman Randall Edwards described the incident on Marilyn Robinson’s property Monday morning as “an unfortunate accident.” He said the injured pig received veterinary care for its wounds and is expected to make a full recovery.  

According to Edwards, a gate to an animal enclosure on Robinson’s property was mistakenly left open, allowing the dogs access to the pig. He said one of the pig’s owners was home when the attack happened and was able to end it by getting the dogs back into their enclosure.

Edwards said the Currituck County Sheriff's Office and Currituck Animal Services and Control responded to the incident following a 911 call by a neighbor. By the time officers arrived, the owner had the dogs secured in their enclosure. He said law enforcement found scratches and marks on the head of the pig, which was up and walking at the time.

Currituck officials took the unusual step of releasing a statement about the incident following what Edwards described as “much attention on social media” and “some misinformation” in the “accompanying comments.”

A video of the incident in fact was posted to the Facebook page of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a Charlotte-based nonprofit that provides medical treatment and care to orphaned or injured wild birds and other animals.

The approximately 20-second video was shot from the upper story of a neighboring residence, high above a wooden fence. The video, while grainy and covered by a shadow, shows dogs attacking a pig. The pig’s squeals of distress can be heard throughout the ordeal.

Edwards said the Robinson family’s pets include chickens, dogs and other pigs, but only the one pig was attacked.

Edwards said the pig has been given antibiotics for its wounds and is back in its pen. Currituck Animal Services also conducted a follow-up visit to the Robinson’s property to check on the pig and make certain the Robinsons’ pets are appropriately separated in their enclosures.

According to Edwards, the dogs weren't removed from the Robinsons’ care because the incident only involved family pets on private property. He also said the dogs don't have a history of reported violence and weren't reported to have left the property or to have posed a threat to people.

Edwards said the family is cooperating with Currituck Animal Services to try to avoid any future accidents involving their pets.

Marilyn Robinson doesn't have a published phone number and Edwards didn't provide her address.

Currituck sheriff's spokeswoman Lindsay Voorhees said Wednesday afternoon the sheriff's office assisted animal control in the incident but didn’t file an incident report.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue had more than 7,000 views. It can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/cwrescue/videos/10158134411905063/