EIC seeks $15K from Pasquotank


By Jon Hawley
Staff Writer

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Economic Improvement Council invested almost $3.4 million in Pasquotank County in 2015-16, the 10-county agency’s director reported recently, but it’s asking the county contribute back $15,000.

During a recent Pasquotank Board of Commissioners meeting, EIC Executive Director Landon Mason reported on the agency’s services to Pasquotank residents. The EIC’s mission is to combat poverty, and it uses federal funds through four different programs to do so: Section 8 housing assistance, Head Start, a weatherization program, and Community Services Block Grants that try to guide people out of poverty.

In total, Mason said, the agency spent $3.39 million to serve 534 families in Pasquotank in fiscal year 2015-2016.

Based on a breakdown he provided, most of that amount was rental assistance through Section 8 housing, in which the EIC provided $2.36 million to 424 families. EIC also provided about $924,000 in Head Start pre-kindergarten programming to 86 children, provided more than $53,000 in client services through Community Services grants, and weatherized nine homes at a cost of about $5,000 each.

Though the EIC receives major grant dollars, Mason noted it has expenses it cannot spend those grants on. To help cover those, he asked commissioners to consider an unrestricted, $15,000 donation to the EIC.

Commissioners thanked Mason for his presentation, but didn’t respond to that significant funding request.

County staff reported Tuesday that they didn’t know Mason would be asking for a contribution from the county.

Absent direction from commissioners, County Manager Rodney Bunch has written Mason a letter suggesting the county could consider the request next spring while preparing its 2018-19 budget.