County gets $180K to clear streams


By Jon Hawley
Staff Writer

Monday, November 13, 2017

Pasquotank County is getting nearly $180,000 to clear streams and other drainage channels damaged by Hurricane Matthew, County Manager Rodney Bunch reported to county commissioners Monday, Nov. 6.

Bunch said the Pasquotank Soil and Water Conservation District has won $179,490 to remove downed vegetation and restore streams throughout the county. The grant also requires the county only pay a local match of $2,750.

Bunch's report shows the grant will fund cleanups along about 17 miles' worth of channels throughout the county, including around the Pasquotank River and in the Newland area. The single largest project will be along Newland Canal, where it's expected to cost almost $38,000 to clean a 3.6-mile stretch.

Bunch also credited soil and water conservation official Dwane Hinson, plus consultant Mark Powell, with obtaining the grant.

In a phone call Wednesday, Powell said the grant is actually the third Pasquotank has received for cleaning up drainage channels since Hurricane Matthew hit just over a year ago. With the latest grant, Pasquotank has gotten a total of $393,952, all through state appropriations handled by the NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation, he said.

That's a lot of money, but probably still not enough to repair all the damage Matthew did, Powell said. The historic storm hit right after heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Julia, he noted.

“It put a lot of water where folks haven't seen water before,” Powell said.

Powell said the Soil and Water Conservation District will employ multiple contractors to complete the grant work this winter.

In addition to the Newland Canal project, Pasquotank’s grant will clean up the following drainage channels: Pasquotank River to School House Road Canal, $25,500; Pasquotank River to River Road, $18,864; Upper Pasquotank River, $28,590; Crooked Run Road Canal, $10,750; Body Road, $3,818; Four Forks Road, $10,274; Park Circle Road, $5,774; Meads Town, $5,552; Nixonton Road, $7,180; and Newland Dike Canal, $25,722.