Probe of 'hate incident' complete

Capt. Hartnett.png

Capt. Randal Harnett


By William F. West
Staff Writer

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The U.S. Coast Guard has fin­ished its in­ves­ti­ga­tion of a “hate in­ci­dent” at Base Elizabeth City but is not re­leas­ing any de­tails for the mo­ment.

Capt. Randy Hartnett, commanding officer of the Aviation Logistics Center, said in an email Tuesday that the Coast Guard’s probe of the Sept. 25 incident at the ALC’s Heavy Maintenance Facility was recently completed and “is now routing through our leadership.”

He indicated the Coast Guard will release a statement about the probe once “we’ve had a chance to review” its findings. He did not provide a timetable for when that will happen.

Hartnett confirmed in October that the Coast Guard Investigative Service had launched a probe of an incident inside the Heavy Maintenance Facility which he described as “racial harassment-motivated.” He declined to be specific about the nature of the incident, saying it might jeopardize the Investigative Service’s probe. 

"It was what we would call a form of harassment, that would lead down the road to what the Coast Guard Civil Rights Manual would classify as a hate incident," Hartnett said.

Hartnett said at the time he wasn’t sure how many contractors, civil service employees or uniformed personnel with access to the Heavy Maintenance Facility encountered the incident.

"It wasn't out in the open and I think it had limited exposure, so to speak," he said.

Nonetheless, the incident was apparently significant enough for Hartnett to address contractors, civil service employees and uniformed Coast Guard personnel about it during a meeting in the Heavy Maintenance Facility in October. Hartnett also said that Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft was notified of it.

The Heavy Maintenance Facility is used to overhaul both Coast Guard C-130 search-and-rescue aircraft and law enforcement aircraft.