Facebook reacts to schools opening on 2-hour delay


From staff reports

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools issued an email Monday announcing local public schools would start on a 2-hour delay Tuesday because of the extreme cold weather. We posted that announcement to The Daily Advance’s Facebook page and it drew several comments.

The announcement was posted Monday and reads as follows:

Schools on 2-hour delay, Tuesday, per email from Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools:

"ECPPS will operate on a two hour delay on Tuesday, January 2nd to allow for buses and schools to heat due to the extreme cold temperatures we are experiencing.

All ECPPS students and staff report back on January 2nd except for ECP Early College. Students attending the Early College will not report back to school until Wednesday, January 3rd."

Facebook reactions:

Adam Reynolds Why don’t y’all just heat the schools and buses two hours before normal times that way you don’t put any unneeded time constraints on parents. It’s not like we live in Alaska.

      Camelia Garrett Because buses are running at 5:30 in the morning. To start 2 hours early would mean start heating buses at 3:30 in the morning. But that doesn't factor in the fact that the sun still isn't up to warm the air while children are standing at the bus stop, there's still ice on the road, and it's still going to be cold. It's not Alaska, but Alaska is also better equipped and handles conditions like this daily.

      Adam Reynolds .... there’s a whopping few degree difference in temps during those hours. Coupled with the wind chill it is virtually no difference. Doesn’t make sense.

      Christina Lynn Persico They don't have the budget to pay the drivers an extra two hours plus the buses are older.

      Adam Reynolds .... that makes sense

      Lara Wilson Plus its gonna feel like 0º with the wind chill, I dont think anyone wants their child standing at a bus stop when it’s that cold, I sure don’t

      Crystal Williams Sorry I've stood out in temp that low in RI waiting on school buses when I was a kid So it's called layers to keep warm. Oh and by the way half these kids don't wait at a central bus stop Most get picked up in front of their house.

      Candace Cosgrove Duty A large percentage of our students live in poverty and don't even have a jacket! There's a bigger picture to these decisions.

      Adam Reynolds I understand that but there really isn’t that much of a temp difference with that 2 hour delay. Like Christina Lynn Persico said, which makes sense, they don’t have the money to pay for OT.

      Candace Cosgrove Duty Money is a huge issue but at least they can get the buses warm before they pick them up.

      Traci Jump Pierce ..... preach girl!

      Jenna Lassiter Caldwell I read once that it also has something to do with the equipment ... I have no idea if it’s true or not ... but that local buses have potential issues getting started in this type of weather ... so instead of it being a chaotic, cold dangerous morning — it gives everyone time to at least be able to see while they are trying to get things up and running

      Kristin Gladden Smith I love your heart!!! Great point!!!

      Brian Fischman How is there ice on the road? It has not rained... at least Perquimans County has some sense and are running a normal schedule

      Crystal Williams It's not a safety issue It's a oh my gosh they don't want to get to have someone go in extra early to warm the schools and the buses which is what the maintenance people and janitorial people could do. Boo hoo People sometimes have to get up extra early just to get to work every day so getting up and getting to work early a few months a year is nothing.

Crystal Williams Omg what would they do if they were up north I've been to school waiting at a bus stop with a foot or more of snow and temp in the single digits. And most kids here get door to door service and don't have to wait at a central bus stop.

      Debbie Snow-Ivey I’m from up north also but these buses are diesel and I’m sure they don’t treat them like they do up north as these frigid temps are unusual here. Diesel gels in cold weather and I’m sure that is a concern when starting these buses and getting them out on the roads as if they gel while in route there is no heat as these buses will stop working. So I’m sure they have concerns for the drivers and students and parents are given plenty of notice to find care for their children for delays.

      Crystal Williams Then they need to be kept on heaters when it's this cold it should be in there maintanance plan to begin with.

      Debbie Snow-Ivey Crystal Williams again these buses are not used to the frigid cold. I’ve been down here 5 years and this is the lowest it’s ever gotten since I’ve been here. And diesel can gel even if they had been plugged in. If u think this is bad wait until Thursday when we get snow. Wed. all the schools will close early to prepare for the snow that’s supposed to start on wed. Heck they may even cancel school due to impending snow. Not sure how long u have been down here but they r very cautious down here as they don’t have the equipment here like they do up north!

      Crystal Williams Lol I've been here 20 plus and have seen the temperatures lower than what we are getting now So yes they should have a plan in place for these temperature that we have gotten now and then.

      Crystal Williams Lol I know this already The first year I lived here 20 plus years ago they had a dusting and canceled school I was like what on earth LOL you could blow the snow off the road with a leaf blower.

      Bill Collins Crystal Williams I grew up in NJ and had to walk 1.5 miles to school every day, rain or shine. Often somebody would stop and give me a ride but not often. I remember walking home in a blizzard in 1956 and round trip in 5 degree weather in 1962. Kids have it so much easier now.

      Crystal Williams Lol Bill Collins we are in the same freeze club going to school then.

Laurie Delano-Brothers Lets just be kind and thankful they are taking consideration of the kiddos and their safety!

      Candace Cosgrove Duty For real!! There's a bigger picture and most people have no clue what goes on in our community.

      Frances Ferrell Pollock I was raised in Elizabeth City and my father was 6 years old 100 years ago at this time of the year when Pasquotank River froze shore to shore and a Model T Ford could be driven across it. Fishermen had to leave their boats and walk home over the ice. I don’t know what they did about school closures then or how they stayed warm when it was -21 in North Carolina.

      Laurie Delano-Brothers Frances Ferrell Pollock wow Mrs. Frances that is a story there to tell! I don’t know either. However now a days I just wish people would stop fussing and be thankful the schools are doing this for the safety of the children, staff etc. the schools don’t heat up like homes do and so many children don’t have proper clothing for temps like this. Not sure if you know but I was sure happy to see that they opened up a place for the homeless to go this week with these crazy temps. I would love to hear more about Elizabeth City from you. It’s so interesting to learn more about the towns we live in. Thank you so much for the info. Happy 2018 to you!

Caitlin Cake I know they called

Connie Poole I don’t understand why the complaints. Please consider the possibility of hazardous road conditions and the responsibility of the bus drivers. If the bus is late, your child is standing in the cold weather. It’s called taking precautions.

      Dianne Aydlett I live in the country and the roads get hazardous long before city roads do.