Mom still seeking answers in Bosta's disappearance


Karen Bosta


By Peter Williams
The Perquimans Weekly

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

HERTFORD — It’s been three years to the day since Arlene Murin’s daughter went missing, three years filled with lots of questions and few answers

“I just want somebody to tell me where she is and what happened to her,” Murin said last week.

Murin’s 39-year-old daughter, Karen Bosta, vanished on May 30, 2015, after last being seen at the Walgreens drug store in Edenton.

As the anniversary of Bosta’s disappearance drew closer this month, Murin said she continues to wonder “what if.”

“It’s now May 23,” she said in an interview last week. “Three years ago ... that means it would be seven days (until she disappeared.) I can still see her standing in the kitchen with her sneakers (on) in front of the refrigerator.”

Bosta lived in Perquimans County but because she disappeared in Edenton, both the town’s police department and the Chowan County Sheriff’s Office have been involved in the search for her.

In the initial days following her disappearance, the Chowan Sheriff’s Office mounted a search for Bosta on both land and water. Chowan Sheriff Dwayne Goodwin said his office now serves in more of a support role in the search.

“It’s kind of unusual for someone to disappear into thin air,” Goodwin said. “It’s really very sad.”

Last September, Gov. Roy Cooper offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. The reward hasn’t led to information about Bosta’s whereabouts. There has been an arrest connected to Bosta’s disappearance, however.  

In October 2017, Thomas Edward White Sr., 62, was charged by the Perquimans County Sheriff's Office with two counts of obtaining property by false pretense and two counts of attempting to obtain property by false pretense.

White is accused of using Murin’s credit card, which she had loaned to Bosta prior to her disappearance. Investigators say surveillance video captured White using the card a day after Bosta disappeared. Footage showed him swiping the card at a gas pump.

White appeared in court in Perquimans County on the charges in May, but the case has been continued until this fall.

Murin said her daughter was friends with White’s girlfriend and was likely over at his house before she disappeared. She claims White was going to plead guilty to the credit card theft, but “he changed his mind at the last minute.” She believes White knows more about Bosta’s disappearance than he’s said thus far.

Perquimans County Sheriff Shelby White said Thomas White has told him three different stories about how he came to have Murin’s credit card.

“One of the things he said was he found it on his porch,” the sheriff said.

Thomas White is currently out of jail on bond and could not be reached for comment.

Murin appreciates efforts to keep Karen’s story in front of the public.

“You keep it alive,” she said. “Somebody has to have answers out there.”

She also appreciates law enforcement’s efforts to find her daughter.

“There are so many cases and such a demand on their time, but they have been amazing,” she said.

Murin just wants to know what happened to Bosta.

“I just want somebody to tell me where she is,” she said.