Hacker misusing Chamber phone number


The Perquimans Weekly

Thursday, June 14, 2018

HERTFORD — If you get a call from the Perquimans Chamber of Commerce, don’t pick up the phone, Chamber officials advised Thursday. 

According to the local business group, someone reportedly has hacked the Chamber’s phone number and using it to make calls.

“If you get a call from the chamber please let it roll to voicemail,” a statement from the Chamber said. “If you answer the call and it is the hacker, you may be subject to a sales call or another annoyance.”

The Perquimans Chamber’s telephone number is 252-426-5657.

Chamber officials say they contacted Centurylink, the group’s phone service provider, but the company said there is nothing it can do about the matter

Calling the Chamber office remains perfectly safe, the group said.

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