Police: Uptick in phone scams


From staff reports

Friday, July 20, 2018

Elizabeth City police say they are seeing an increase in reports of phone-related scams. 

Sgt. James Judge said in press release Friday that scammers are using a variety of methods to solicit money from potential victims. 

In one scam, the scammers have threatened the persons they’re calling, telling them that if they ever want to see their family member again, they must send them money, Judge said.

In another scam, the targeted person was told they owed money to the IRS, and if they didn’t pay what they owed, they would face arrest, Judge said.

The IRS has stated many times that it does not call taxpayers who owe the government. The agency only communicates by letter.

In some cases, victims also have been asked to make transactions on prepaid cards and send the card numbers to the caller, Judge said.

A caller to The Daily Advance on Friday reported yet another type of phone scam. The caller said he had received two calls from someone claiming to be a representative of a famous sweepstakes company. In both calls, he was advised that to be eligible for the sweepstakes prize, he had to deposit money in an account at a local bank.

Elizabeth City police are asking anyone who receives any call like these not to pay any money over the phone or by prepaid card. Instead, they should report the scam to police at 335-4321.