Perquimans taking on many projects


By Peter Williams
The Perquimans Weekly

Monday, July 30, 2018

HERTFORD — Perquimans County is tackling a number of smaller projects this summer, including building restrooms at the new boat ramp on Granby Street and adding fresh sod and irrigation at the new county library.

The contractor that built the library wasn’t required to lay sod, so instead just scattered grass seed, said Perquimans County Manager Frank Heath. There was no irrigation and the grass was dying. That detracted from the looks of a brand-new $2.5 million building, he said.

“It was always the plan to bring in sod and install irrigation,” Heath said last week. “But we had to wait for the weather to get warmer.”

Work started last week.

Heath doesn’t have a final cost figure, but said the county did have to install a second water meter for the irrigation system. He estimates the total price tag will be between $10,000 and $15,000. There was money left in the library budget to cover that.

The boat ramp was completed last year, but there wasn’t any money to build restrooms. The project was funded by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission with money from motorboat registration receipts, a federal Sport Fish Restoration Program and a Golden LEAF grant.

The access area features a 41-foot-wide concrete boat ramp and two 100-foot long floating docks. The asphalt parking lot includes 26 spaces for vehicles and trailers and four spaces for single cars, including two ADA-compliant spaces.

“Chicago” Eure, the owner of Eure and Sons Construction, hopes to get the foundation for the restrooms poured this month. They will be built from scratch, not prefabricated, and have vinyl siding and a metal roof with a single toilet and sink in both the men’s and women’s areas.

Eure hopes to have the project complete within two months.

“I’ve got six jobs coming up and we’ll have to schedule sheet rockers and electricians, and even though it’s a small job, it will take a while getting everybody together,” he said.

Heath estimates the project will cost about $29,000. There is money leftover in the capital projects account to cover that.

There are also funds available to replace the flooring at the Perquimans County Recreation Center, but Heath is not sure when that will take place. The Rec Center was built in 1995.

There are also funds available to do the design work for a new Social Services building.

“There is no money to build it, but there is money for design,” Heath said.

Replacing the facility is the long-term capital plan for the county, he said.

The current 5,400-square foot building at 103 Charles St. has been added onto over the years, Heath said.

“It’s a miss-mash of buildings,” he said. “The central part is stick-built and then modular parts were added on.”

The design project will give the county and idea of what a new building will cost. Heath said the state would provide some reimbursement funds for a new structure.

Heath said the plan is to put the new building on Harvey Point Road across the street from the Perquimans County Senior Center.