Firm building solar farm donates $20K to AAUW


DEPCOM Power, a Scottsdale, Arizona company, is building a 16 megawatt solar farm off Two Mile Desert Road in Perquimans County. DEPCOM's charitable organization, DEPCOM GIVES, recently donated $20,000 to the Albemarle Area United Way.


By Jon Hawley
Staff Writer

Monday, January 21, 2019

A company building a solar farm in Perquimans County has donated $20,000 to the Albemarle Area United Way.

AAUW Executive Director Bill Blake announced the large donation last week, reporting that DEPCOM Power made it through its charitable organization, DEPCOM GIVES.

DEPCOM is based in Scottsdale, Ariz., but builds solar projects across the nation.

In the release, DEPCOM Power President Johnnie Taul said the business was “privileged to support” the AAUW, and looked forward to its continued impact on those it serves. The AAUW supports 19 nonprofits, including Boys & Girls clubs, Albemarle Hopeline, Kids First and Food Bank of the Albemarle, across 13 counties.

In a followup email, Blake said DEPCOM didn’t specify or restrict how the AAUW should use the donation. “This is ideal” as it lets the AAUW direct money to where it’s most needed, Blake said. He also said the AAUW’s Allocations Committee will meet in April to decide the best use of the money.

DEPCOM began construction of a 16 megawatt solar farm off of Two Mile Desert Road in Perquimans several months ago, according to a Perquimans county staffer.

According to Perquimans Planner Rhonda Money, a zoning permit for the 2-Mile Desert Solar-Winslow Farm was issued Aug. 27 and construction is expected to be completed sometime this year.

The new solar farm will be built on an 80.4-acre tract straddling railroad tracks between Two Mile Desert and Bembury roads, Money said.