SBI probe looked into only 3 missing guns


Quentin Jackson


By Peter Williams
The Perquimans Weekly

Sunday, April 7, 2019

HERTFORD — An SBI investigation into Hertford Police Department weapons that were either missing or improperly sold focused on just three weapons, not 18-25 as claimed by a Hertford town councilman, according to law enforcement officials.

Both District Attorney Andrew Womble and a spokesman for the State Bureau of Investigation said the SBI probe was able to find two of the firearms and both have been returned to the police department. One gun has not been located.

During a press conference March 22, Hertford Town Councilman Quentin Jackson said between 18 and 25 weapons belonging to the department were either stolen, missing or improperly sold.

At the press conference, Jackson said he was speaking on behalf of Hertford Town Council when he asked the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the missing weapons. He also called on Womble to come and speak with town councilors about the SBI investigation and why nothing, in his opinion, had come of the probe. He further expressed a personal view that he lacks trust in Womble.

In response to questions from The Perquimans Weekly, Womble said he was “made aware” in December that Hertford police Chief Dennis Brown had sought the SBI’s help looking into the “improper surplusing” of three duty weapons belonging to the Hertford Police Department.  

“As a result of the SBI investigation, two of the firearms were located and returned to the Hertford Police Department in February 2019,” he said. “They were improperly surplused but had corresponding paperwork. One gun did not have corresponding paperwork and has not been located.”

The SBI had virtually the same response. 

“The Hertford Police Department requested SBI assistance with attempting to locate three firearms that were the property of the police department,” Anjanette Grube, the agency’s public information director, said in an email. “Two of the firearms have been located and are now in the possession of the Hertford Police Department. One firearm has not been accounted for.”

Laura Brewer, a spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, said she was not aware of any investigation of missing weapons from the Hertford Police Department; nor was she aware of any request for such an investigation.

Jackson responded by saying he stands by his comments. “Stay tuned,” he said.