Wiped and ready to roll: ECFD dedicates new pumper truck

052419 Firetruck

Hubert Tarkenton, a retired Elizabeth City firefighter, gives the Elizabeth City Fire Department's new 2019 E-One Typhoon Rescue Pumper its traditional "first wipe" at Fire Station 1 on Halstead Boulevard, Thursday. City fire officials dedicated the new fire engine during an event at the station.


From staff reports

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Elizabeth City Fire Department on Thursday celebrated the arrival of a new, state-of-the-art pumper truck that should protect residents and serve the city well for more than a decade to come.

Fire Chief Corey Mercer, other firefighters and city officials showcased the new pumper, a 2019 E-One Typhoon Rescue Pumper, at Fire Station 1 on Halstead Boulevard. The purchase allows the city to phase out an older vehicle and have more reliable fire trucks that cost much less in maintenance, Mercer and Assistant City Manager Angela Cole explained.

The truck is a 1,500-gallon capacity pumper that’s “state of the art,” Mercer said. It will act as a “front-line” vehicle, meaning the first to go out, and allow the department to put a 2008 pumper into reserve.

It will also allow the city to get rid of a 1999 fire truck with “obsolete parts” and whose model is not manufactured anymore, according to Cole.

The new pumper cost about $525,000, according to city officials. City Council approved the purchase as part of this year’s budget, and the city financed the purchase over five years, city staff reported.

That means the truck should be paid off long before it needs replacing. Mercer said Thursday the pumper should last over a decade as a front-line vehicle, and be used longer as a reserve truck.