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August 13, 2018


August 12, 2018

What can we expect when no one's expecting?

August 12, 2018

Elizabeth City residents, business owners and patrons in the last 25 years have experienced a fairly long and continuous history of traffic-impeding downtown renovations. All have resulted in complaints about delays, traffic detours and lost business.

At the same time, it seems that all of the…


August 12, 2018

On Wednesday, July 18, on Shawn Hannity’s show, Mark Levin discussed the subject of colluding presidents, and for the second time revealed how many presidents from FDR to Barack Obama have admired and fawned over dictators the world over. Levin went off on Roosevelt's swooning over Josef…

August 12, 2018

I have been reading exchanges concerning Pride Fest and the LGBTQ+ (I’m not exactly sure about the “Q” and am totally clueless about the “+”) — many of which are on the online version of your newspaper. As I read, I noticed the word “progressive”…

August 10, 2018

During this tumultuous and nerve-wracking era of Trump, what do we need to get through it sanely and humanly?

We need a faith in something or someone stronger than Trump. Perhaps we can call this something or someone “God.” Even Trump isn't stronger than God!

We need a strong,…

August 10, 2018

A recent bit in the “On Today in History” section of your newspaper about Frank Hollowell, Walter Davis and the Boys Club building is so far off base I cannot imagine how laughable it would have been to Walter.

I had the pleasure of knowing, and respecting both Frank and Walter very…

August 09, 2018

How many accidents or close calls have to happen for us to get a solid green left-turn signal for turns from Peartree Road onto Halstead Boulevard? The left turn blinking yellow is becoming more dangerous everyday.

The light is already hanging there. Just turn it on. Maybe it could happen before…

August 09, 2018

The caller told me about my arthritic back and said that Medicare would send a device that would help me. She said that it would cost me zero but she needed to confirm — get — my Medicare card number. She had the first letter and the last digit but needed the numbers in…

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