Steinburg opposes ban on wind energy


Sen. Bob Steinburg

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I have grave concerns about the constitutionality of Sen. Harry Browns Bill, SB 377 which will if passed ban wind energy development in over 40 counties in eastern North Carolina, many of which are Tier 1 counties in desperate need of economic development and revenue.

This is a clear violation of the personal property rights we have provided to us in the U.S. Constitution. In addition, the passage of this bill would be in direct violation of our nation’s Supremacy Clause which invalidates a state law that conflicts with a federal law. Federal law is that the FAA and USDOT regulates airspace, not states.

I understand Sen.  Brown’s desire to protect the military bases from being impacted negatively by the next round of Base Realignments (BRACC) that are not currently even scheduled. But Sen. Brown should recognize that the United States Department of Defense Clearing House has a process in place to assure that any project or development will receive the utmost scrutiny before it is considered for approval in order to protect the mission and training of our troops.

Ron Tickle is the head of the Clearing House and has been for three years. I spoke with him personally in seeking to clarify its process.

North Carolina has the strictest permitting process in the country.

There are few supporters of the military in the General Assembly with a stronger military voting record than mine. Protecting the military will always come first. I have also pledged, “So help me God” to defend our Constitution and the freedoms, rights and liberties contained therein.

I have never opposed the Constitution and will defend it to my dying day. Fortunately, there are protocols in place by the U.S. Department of Defense Clearing House that will make opposing Senate Bill 377 a no brainer for me; the military’s mission will be protected, personal property rights assured and free markets will continue to flourish in a part of the state in desperate need of further economic development.

NC Senator Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, represents the 1st District in the General Assembly.