Abortion on demand feminists' answer to equality


By Holly Audette

Sunday, June 30, 2019

In college, persuasive feminists proclaimed if women didn’t have the right to do what they wanted with their body, they were just slaves to men. It was empowering, a call to action, a defense of supposed equality.

The consequence of pregnancy was and is absolutely seen by feminists as the issue that keeps women from true equality with men. So the push was on for birth control. Women could control the timing of motherhood or choose to not be a mother at all. That would surely prevent men from keeping us down!

But it wasn’t enough. Not enough to plan for the means to prevent pregnancy. Sexual liberation’s path to supposed equality demanded the freedom to not plan. Spontaneous sex and multiple partners must be available choices without stigma to make women equal to men. Despite the increased availability of birth control, women needed a means to make the consequences of sex as ”insignificant” as they were to men. That demanded a way to end what distinguishes men and women and their sexuality: pregnancy. It wasn’t fair and therefore unequal for a woman to have the consequence of pregnancy that a man did not. Abortion was the answer.

A child growing in a mother’s womb must be diminished in value to sell abortion on demand. So feminists claimed pregnancy did not involve anything of value. The child was a mere collection of cells that could simply be flushed out of the womb and discarded.

The path to diminishing the value of a child’s life to fulfill “equality” for women began. Despite the fact those cells could never develop into anything else, they must be described as less than human. Then came the attempted standards. The cells have no value until they are able to “survive” outside the womb despite the fact a full-term child cannot survive outside the womb without intervention. It is about the value of a life, not whether it is a life.

I didn’t know how far the feminists would take their equality plan until the stunning recent debate over abortion through the final day of pregnancy. States are passing and celebrating laws that expand this path to equality far beyond some meaningless “survive outside the womb” standard. Now we have the governor of Virginia describing the “health” necessity of a mother giving birth to a live, full-term child who would be made “comfortable” while mom and doc discuss whether the child’s life has enough value to be continued. Children being delivered and scissors plunged into their skulls to end their life because equality is more valuable than an innocent life.

Feminists believe the value of equality, achieved by complete control over their sexuality, is greater than dependent human life. That is the bottom line. Rape and incest are the startling, emotional examples they use why innocent human life must end through abortion. Yet in 2004 half-of-one percent of abortions happened due to rape and 7 percent were due to the health of the mother or child. The largest percentage of abortions, 25 percent, happened because a woman was “not ready” for a child. In Florida, where a reason for every abortion is recorded, there were 70,083 abortions in 2018. Only .01 percent were due to incest, .14 percent to rape, and 20 percent for social or economic reasons.

Does that mean a pregnancy due to rape or incest is not horrific, traumatizing and life altering? Of course not. But why do people agree abortion is justified in these cases? It is a pronouncement that the value of not perpetuating harm to the mother is greater than the dependent child’s life. It is weighing which is more valuable. The child should die for two reasons, it is explained: the effect on the mother to bring it to full term and the parentage of the child. But, would we round up the born children of a rapist and kill them because their father is a rapist?

The truth is, abortion is justified by feminists up to the date of full-term natural birth and beyond when the choice is made to take the life of a fully developed human life, because feminists believe control over when — or if — they agree to give birth is the key to equality with men. And that equality has more value than the dependent life of another. We have become barbarians.

Holly Audette is a small-business owner active in political and civic causes.