Local bowlers dominate local, OBX lanes


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nearly 200 years ago, British philanthropist, author, and composer, William E. Hickson was credited with penning the famous proverb, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.”

I’m fairly confident that when Hickson first wrote these words, he never thought they would be used to describe the type of bowling local pro, Mark Tarkington, would turn in last Wednesday night during his league session at OBX Bowling Center.

Already the owner of 47 perfect games, Tarkington had calmly opened his first game with the front 11 strikes.

Number 48 was one smooth strike away, but that 12th ball slid just a bit too far, resulting in a light hit and the two-pin left standing.

Tarkington would have to wait a little longer for his 48th perfect score, and wait he did …. for one more game, as he strung the next 12 strikes to claim number 48!

Sitting on a ridiculous 599 for his first two, he closed the night with a not-too-shabby 241 final game and a remarkable 840 series!

Tarkington also dealt the pins a whipping last Tuesday during the Fellowship League, closing with a 279 game as part of his 656 series.

Let this soak in — last week, Tarkington had consecutive games of 279-299-300.

That’s 34 of 36 possible strikes!

Another guy who has been burning up the pins like a homecoming bonfire is Lee Owen.

Also bowling during the Fellowship League the past two Tuesdays, Owen has initiated his new bowling ball, a Storm Drive, with a cool 234 average, tallying a 265-730 a couple of weeks ago and a 249-679 last week.

Both series were league highs on their respective weeks.

Joining Owen and Tarkington in their assault of the pins last recently were Jason Small (247-655), Jeff Barefoot (265-655), Chris Farrell (246-681), Rondell Christian (234-671), Jevon Simpson (242-652), Stephen Marshall (239-639), Matthew Brunoehler (254 game) and Paul Lacher (247 game and 220-624).

Kaytee Simpson has been showing off the form which has made her hard to beat recently claiming back-to-back 600 series during Fellowship.

Her 219-638 last week came just seven days after a 247-606. Brittney Gaumond (194-547 and 202-571) has also been mowing down the pins consistently on Tuesday nights.

Bobby Winslow topped the Monday Night Mixed last week with a 224-642 while Ronnie Beasley tossed games of 224 and 226 en route to a 639 series the week before.

Rondell Christian has had a couple of big weeks recently firing a 243-618 and a 225-627.

The ladies’ side of the Monday night sheet featured a 190-512 from Stephanie Winslow, and a 180-507 from Pat Dooley along with a nice 187-501 from Adeline Tolson.

The Martin Luther King League had its fair share of impressive scores last week as well.

David Ange topped the men with a fine 244-676, followed by Paul Lacher’s 234-649, Chris Farrell’s 224-647, Boris Beatty’s 255-626, and Lindsay Perry’s 238 game.

Debbie Winslow returned to her old form to fire a 210-573 to pace the MLK ladies two weeks ago and followed that with a 202-538 last week.

Brittney Gaumond led the MLK ladies last week with a 220-549. .

Pamela Griffin led the Albemarle Rollers both of the past two weeks firing a 195-529 last week and a 192-499 the week before.

Sylvia Holley added a 156-429 last week, followed by Patsy Sanders’ 157-441.

Charlene Fetters’ 175, and Sylvia Holley’s 170 also highlighted the top games over the past two weeks of Albemarle Rollers.

All American Ladies have had their share of nice bowling recently with Ocie Manos bagging a 213-530 and Maria Madonia adding a 183-503 to go along with Charlene Fetter’s 198-472 and Pat Dooley’s 185-482.

Jason Nistler was the big man on the Bumper campus recently after firing an awesome 120-223 and a 114-227 to go along with Connor Cafferello’s 90-157.

Cheyanne Hardison (102 game), Ariana Mummert (92 game), and Tayshia Cofield (63 game) topped the bumper girls.

Jacob Davenport rolled his first of what will surely be many 200 games recently when he fired five strikes near the end of his 211 game!

Jacob used that big game to close out on his first ever 500 series as well, a 501. He followed that with a 180-493 this past weekend. Congrats Jacob!!!

Thomas Adams (175-465) and Joshua Davenport (172-499) rounded out the boys’ youth bowlers to go along with Emily Brewer’s 149-376, Elizabeth Scaff’s 141-351, and Violet Olds’ 110-315 on the ladies’ side.

OBX Bowling Center at Nags Head recently held it’s Association Tournament and a number of local bowlers finished near the top in a number of events.

Most notable of these was the open division scratch event in which all five of the cashers have ties to Albemarle Lanes.

Adam Meads, an alumni of our local youth program claimed the title with a 1977 nine-game total.

Mark Tarkington (1949), David Ange (1834), Chris Farrell (1833), and Kaytee Simpson (1832) finished second through fifth place.

The handicap all-events saw four of the top five with Albemarle Lanes connections with Meads finding his way on top again with a 1977 total.

Lindsay Perry finished second, just six pins out. Ross Doebler of the OBX finished third with a 1970, while Tarkington (1949) and Farrell (1905 rounded out the top five.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!!!