Harris looks to lead new-look Knights

The junior will play RB and MLB for the Knights


Currituck’s Albert Harris will play a key role in the level of success for the Knights this fall.


Sports Writer

Friday, August 11, 2017

BARCO — Currituck’s Albert Harris is not worried about his team’s record last season, or outside expectations, but is instead focused on doing his best every day at practice and in the weight room to help lead the Knights.

The junior, who plays running back and middle linebacker, continually stressed how hard he and his teammate have been working hard every day, so they are ready to prove themselves when the season begins.

Harris spoke with The Daily Advance on Wednesday evening after an action-filled practice about how the team is working harder than ever to make sure they change the outlook on Currituck football and avoid another 2-9 record.

“We are not going to lose this year, we are going to go as hard as we can every play, we have the size, the speed and we are all together, so that is all that matters,” Harris said.

Harris spoke at high school football media day on July 28 about how last year’s record does not matter, that with a large group of seniors departing and a group of new players and coaches, this season a “new Currticuk” will take the field.

Harris credited his head coach John Wheeler for always being energetic and enthused, which converts to the team and keeps them excited to practice and condition.

“When he is yelling and screaming, we are doing the same thing, we are all getting ready for the game, we are just all doing what we can do to be the best we can be,” he said.

The team is preparing to host four talented teams today for a scrimmage session, including Gates, Nandua (Va.) and Northampton (Va.).

Harris and the other leaders on the Knights are making sure the team does not slack off in practice, so they are prepared for the scrimmage today and the upcoming season.

“In practice we are all going full force, 100 percent every play, we are all a family and if someone is not doing their job we all get on each other to make things happen,” he said.

Harris is one of many Knights who play on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, which makes preparation even more important, as a large portion of the team is on the field for every play.

“The main thing is we condition every day, we go hard and that is how we are going to get through it because we know some people are going to be iron men, some people are going to be playing the whole game and the only break they get is halftime,” Harris said.

Harris and the Knights will look to show that their hard work in the offseason has paid off when the season begins with an away game against Manteo on August 18.