Fishing the currents for bass


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Friday, August 25, 2017

Our river systems here in the Albemarle region are wide flat rivers with almost no current flow but if you can locate an area with current you can usually predict where the fish are.

Although we do have tides on our rivers they don’t move like a lot of other systems because of the surrounding terrain and in fact the winds tend to move the water faster than the tides do.

You can tell when the wind is from the northeast because the water will rise and stay till it switches directions.

The opposite holds true on a southwest wind because the water will drop. With the weather affecting the water the way it does it will provide a current in some areas and if you can find the current you can use it to your advantage.

Currents can be found on main river stump fields or in creeks at the entrance or even after a heavy rain like we have been having lately.

What currents do is position the fish in a way so they can ambush their prey.

They are looking for a spot that breaks the current and makes the bait come to them so you are looking for stumps, logs or other structure that the water will sweep around and create a current break.

The fish will wait till a snack comes to them and then jump out into the current and feed so this positions the fish in a predictable way.

Find the breaks and you find the fish.

Position the boat to face upstream so you can cast the bait up past the area and bring it back to the fish which will almost always be facing upstream.

Spinner baits, Flukes, crank baits and worms can all be good baits and the fish will reload on these spots so if you catch a fish in a good spot then leave you can come back and there will be another one in its place.

This can work especially well where water is rushing into a river or creek after a heavy rain.

The fish know that fresh bait will be coming and wait to ambush them when they enter the main body.

With all the heavy rain we have hade lately it is sure to pay off so give it a try.

What’s biting, where...

The billfish bite is on fire offshore with one blue marlin over 600 pounds reported.

There was even a couple of grand slams and with all the sailfish in the gulf it is no wonder the flags are flying.

The yellowfin tuna are still around and the mahi bite has picked up also so if you want to fill the freezer now is the time to get out to the blue water.

The nearshore boats have some mackerel and blues biting just outside the inlets but the big action is inshore with speckled trout and red fish in good numbers and size lately.

The hot baits vary some but my favorites are Gulp minnows and shrimp on jig heads. Cast up to the sand flats and work them back into the channel.

On the beach it is still slow but some of the piers have been getting some action on small mullet with the occasional blue. The water is clear and warm with lots of bait so you would think it would be better but it is still slow.

Here in our region we have a great largemouth bite with numbers and size coming in on top water frogs and other surface bait.

Finesse worms are also working when you pitch them into the deeper water but nothing beats the explosion of a largemouth on a top water bait.

The white perch are still on also with Uncle Jessie lures and white Beetle Spins worked on the channel drops.

When you catch one there will be others so fish the area till they stop biting then move to another but remember that spot because they will come back to it again.

If anyone gets out this week send me a picture and a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and let me know how you did.