Summer season comes to a close


Columnist Lee Owen Bowling


By Lee Owen

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

With the Thursday Night Quartet league wrapping up this past week, the summer season at Albemarle Lanes has officially ended.

With the end of the summer season, the Winter league begins tonight with the Fall/Winter Fellowship Memorial League bowling the first night.

Thursday Quartet was dominated most of the season by Team 5, and that is how it ended, with the championship going to the team of Brittney Gaumond, Derrick Spruill, Lake Krehel, David Ange and Matt Stanwick.

Just to show they were the best team all season, in the final week, they swept all four high score categories with a team scratch game and series of 785/2297, and handicap game and series of 875/2567.

Season best individual scores for the men went to Lake Krehel for scratch series with 713 and Boris Beatty for scratch game with 277.

Handicap game and series went to Bobby Winslow with 281 and Casey DeLauretis with 753 respectively.

Women’s individual honors went to Brittney Gaumond for series with 671 and game to Stephanie Winslow with a 229.

Handicap honors went to Debbie Winslow with 697 and Stephanie Humphries with 265.

High mens average was close, with Will Swinson beating out Lake Krehel, 207 to 206, the only over 200 averages in the league this season.

For the women, Brittney Gaumond held high average with a 177.

Thanks you to everyone that came out in the summer for the leagues.

Even though leagues are getting started for the Fall/Winter session, there are still openings for teams and individual bowlers. I hope to see you all out this year.