Methods for fishing in heavy cover


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In the dog days of summer the largemouth bass will a lot of times bury themselves into the deepest cover they can find and if you know how to get in there and dissect the cover you can catch some of the nicest fish of the year.

The cover can a little intimidating to some anglers but if you start from the outside and work into it with multiple casts you will find the fish.

When I have a prime piece of structure that you know holds fish I slow down and focus on all aspects of the structure like is there any current moving by it or how much water is it in.

I want to first start with the outside with fluke or small soft plastic.

I am trying to pick off the fish that are patrolling the edges for a quick meal and if you start in the deepest part first you can spook the outside edge fish.

Once I cover the outside I will then pick up a square bill crank bait and bounce it off every stick and stump it can reach.

Sometimes this will trigger a fish into striking when they didn’t want the fluke earlier.

After that I pick up a jig or a plastic worm that is texas rigged with a heavy sinker pegged at the head.

These baits will penetrate the holes and go right to the heart of the structure so braid or heavy monofilament is a required tool here.

Don’t be afraid to throw a bait up into a structure and just realize that you will get hung up every now and then and yes you will break off also.

Baits and hooks are tools you use to catch fish and nothing else so losing an occasional bait is something that will happen if you want to catch fish.

The next time you come up to a structure you know is holding fish take your time and fish all of it and you will be surprised to find out how many fish live there.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore report for this week is slim with all the storm activity and winds but just before the storm hit the fishing was good with plenty of dolphin, wahoo and marlin with both white and blue marlin caught. After a storm comes through it can sometimes be good fishing but we will have to see in the next few days.

On the beaches and piers the surf was rough to say the least but with the water temps still in the 70s it should be coming around soon.

Closer to home in our water ways we had some windy weather impact our fishing time but the big rains never happened so the bite is pretty much still on.

It’s a good largemouth bite on top water baits like Wopper Ploppers, buzz baits and Pop-R’s and if you throw a small worm around the wood in the main rivers you should get a bite.

The catfish bite is also on and if you know what you are doing there is a new tournament series in town.

The Chowan Catfish Challenge tournament is happening in a few weeks and if you think you know how to catch the big cats hit them up on Facebook or contact my page and I will help you out.

The white perch are still thick and on the drop offs in about 5 or so feet of water next to big flats.

White Beetle Spins and Uncle Jessie lures tipped with shrimp are the go to baits so if you get out this weekend make sure you send me some pics and a report and let me know how you did.

Email the info to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com and I will do my best to brag for you.