Fall leagues are in full swing


Columnist Lee Owen Bowling


By Lee Owen

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

With a couple of the leagues getting a one week jump on things, all of the Fall leagues are now up and in action at Albemarle Lanes.

A few of the leagues have openings still for full teams and individuals also.

Monday Night Mixed has again decided to go with a 32 week season this year, splitting the season up into four quarters of eight week sessions.

Currently there are two open team spots to fill the league.

This past week was the first week of bowling for them and Rondell William Swinson took the top series with a 253/672. Rondell Christian followed with a 264/621 with Denwood Williams and Boris Beatty adding 233 and 611 respectively.

Debbie Winslow topped the women with her 182 game, followed by a 172 from Pat Tooley and a 171 from Patsy Sanders.

Fellowship League, on Tuesday nights, has now been rolling for three weeks and will have a 36 week season this year, consisting of nine week quarters.

There are also two open team spots on this league.

This past week, Lake Krehel claimed the top spot with a 265/650, followed by a 235/630 from Daniel Odell.

Yours Truly and Jevon Simpson rounded out the top three with a 255 game and 621 series respectively. The women were led by Bobbi Jo Tarkington and her 202 game, followed by Brittney Gaumond and her 201, and Kaytee Simpson with a 200.

The Martin Luther King League, on Thursday nights, will follow Monday night and feature a 32 week season.

This league is at capacity already and began two weeks ago.

This past week, David Ange led with the biggest series thus far in this young season, a 257/747, followed by 276/697 from Randy Cartwright.

John Bradley added a 251 and Lake Krehel a 674 on the night to wrap up the leaderboard.

The ladies were led by Brittney Gaumond with an impressive 268/663, followed by a 216/612 from Debbie Winslow. Ofelia Beatty rounded out the leaders with a 165 game.

All American Ladies league, bowling on Thursday mornings, has plenty of room for new teams.

They will be using the 35 week season bowling straight through. So far this season, Maria Madonia and Sharon Yonek have the high game, each with a 204, with Stella Miller holding third with 195.

Albemarle Rollers, a three person ladies league rolling on Wednesday nights, also has room for more teams and will roll on a 34 week schedule this year.

So far, Mary Morris’ 200 game is the mark to beat for high game, with Sharon Hoffler having a 193 and Charlene Fetters a 169.

The Youth league is also back this year, with the rejuvenation of the bumper program.

Both leagues will run for 32 weeks and have plenty of room for more kids to join.

In the regular youth, Ben Hawkins currently has high game with a 204, followed by Bryce Hawkins with a 188 and Christopher Vinson with a 184.

The girls are led by Violet Olds with a 149 and Elizabeth Scaff with a 108.

The Bumper league also has room for bowlers.

This league will bowl two games each week, on bumpers. Patrick Morgan has high for the boys thus far with a 117, Jason Nistler with a 110 and Gaston Pinner with a 94. The girls are being led by Ariana Mummert with a 77.

If you are interested in joining any of these leagues, you can inquire in person at Albemarle Lanes, or call at 335-4213.