USBC offers Special Olympics membership


By Lee Owen

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The United States Bowling Congress has made strides to include everyone in membership to bowl leagues and tournaments, but one thing lacking was the awards tiers, with focus for awards being stacked at the top of the skill set.

The USBC recognized this issue and has done two things to help out.

One sport that many Special Olympians participate in every year is bowling, both during the games as well as in the off season through social groups.

Knowing that this was going on, the USBC decided to create a special membership for Special Olympians, providing them with a full USBC membership, allowing them to participate in leagues, both traditional and special needs, as well as all USBC tournaments.

The bowlers are also able to view their averages and stats on the USBC website.

The other aspect to this program, is the revamped awards package.

While traditional USBC awards only give awards for honor scores, no matter your average, this program provides awards that make obtaining them more realistic.

High game awards start as low as a 100 game, going up by 25 pins for each level of award.

A 500 series award is also in place for bowlers putting three good games together.

If you have a group that is interested in this program, whether you are already bowling weekly in a social setting, or want to get one started, you can go to www.bowl.com and click on the Special Olympics link for more information.


William Swinson led the men this past week, rolling a nice 265/655, followed by an impressive showing from Tyshon Chesson with a 248/645. Crip Williams added a 232 on the night and Joh Turner a 627.

Stephanie Winslow topped the ladies with a 194 game, followed by a 183 from Pat Dooley and a 174 from Leonora Vactor.


Woody Heckstall claimed the high series of the week, rolling a big 236/658, followed by a 232/648 from Lake Krehel. Jeffrey Barefoot posted a 640 to round out the top three.

For the ladies, the night began with Brittney Gaumond throwing the first eight strikes on her way to a 246 game and a 608 series, but it was Kaytee Simpson with the high set for the night, 235/613.


Blair Price and his 235/644 was good enough to take the top spot on the men’s leaderboard, followed by a 642 from Lake Krehel and a 239/621 from John Bradley. Rondell Christian added a 234 on the night.

Brittney Gaumond continued her hot bowling, taking top honors with 242/635, followed by a 186 from Debbie Winslow and a 152 from Jackie Bradley.


Gaston Pinner took the high game for the bumpers with a 100, followed by a 98 from Jason Nistler, and 89 from Patrick Morgan and 87 from Arianna Mummert.


Christopher Vinson took the high game with a huge 223, while Bryce Hawkins rolled a 179 and Ben Hawkins a 167. Violet Olds led the girls with a 158 game, followed by a 114 from Elizabeth Scaff.