Bowlopolis created to make bowling fun


Columnist Lee Owen Bowling


By Lee Owen

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In today’s society, kids have a very low attention span, and simply telling them its bowling day may not be enough to peak their interest.

This is why the USBC developed their program called Bowlopolis, which is a themed adventure that the kids can follow along with, enticing them to go bowling and get more of the story.

The story centers around a boy that must take on the evil kingpin and save the world, all while trying to get the big trophy. With this program, the kids get a special membership kit, featuring a brag tag, activity books, stickers, and board game.

Bowlopolis also has an annual coloring contest for members of the club.

In addition to these features, bowlopolis also has an App that will let the kids watch cartoons of the story and play online games.

There are currently 21 videos showcasing the story of Kegler and his battles against the Evil Kingpin.

USBC has found that this program has created a much greater awareness of bowling, increased revenues in bowling centers, and caused a significant rise in new youth league bowlers.

Bowlopolis membership is available to youth bowlers eight years of age and under and is available as an add on perk to their current USBC membership. If you are interested, see your local Youth League director.


Rondell Christian continued his hot streak this year, leading the league with a 257/668, followed by John Turner’s 244/656. Jarvis Abbott and William Swinson added 247 and 607 respectively to round out the top three.

For the ladies, it was Sheri Norwood and Stephanie Winslow sharing the top spot, each with a game of 213, with Sharon Hoffler tossing a 201 to round out the ladies leaderboard.


Mark Tarkington returned to form this week to lead the league with an impressive 266/748, followed by Woody Heckstall (267/673) and Jevon Simpson (257/665)

Brittney Gaumond topped the women with her 223 game, with Kaytee Simpson adding a 203 and Beth Marshall a 180.


Wednesday night, Delli Spaulding took top honors with a 189 game, followed by a 166 from Charlene Fetters and a 164 from Sylvia Holley.


Thursday morning, the ladies were at it again, and it was Stella Miller’s 184 squeaking out the top spot over Ocie Manos with a 182 and Mary Beasley with a 178.


Lake Krehel continues his campaign for high average with a big 259/702, followed by Denwood Williams with a 244/630 and Marvin Burnham with a 255/623.

The ladies were led by Suzie Ange, rolling a 212, edging out Brittney Gaumond’s 210 and Debbie Winslow’s 198.


Ben Hawkins started the morning off shaky but came back his last game to fire a 237 for high game of the day, followed by a 165 from Jacob Cooper and a 162 from Bryce Hawkins.

The girls were led by Violet Olds with a 121 and Elizabeth Scaff with a 103.

For the bumpers this week. Gaston Pinner rolled a 102 for top score, followed by a 99 from Jason Nistler and a 77 from Ariana Mummert.