Top water season is here

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Donald Campbell from Elizabeth City made this catch recently.


By Mike Sweeney

Friday, October 6, 2017

When the weather begins to cool in the early mornings like it has this past week it is time to get out your top water baits and get out on the water.

When water temps cool the bass will move up onto the flats and into the creeks chasing bait fish and this is when the top water bite comes alive.

The best part about top water now is the variety of lures to choose from like frogs, buzz baits, poppers and other prop baits but the new lure manufacturing techniques that are coming out these past few years have created some other baits that are paying off.

Hollow body baits such as frogs have been around for years but now they make other baits that look like bluegill, rats and even ducks.

Every bait has its place and time to use but if you pay attention to what is around you it is simple to figure out which one will shine on that day.

When I am out on the water I pay attention to nature and the surroundings that are part of that particular body of water.

Listen to what the water is telling you and you can hear frogs croaking, baitfish popping on the surface or even ducks swimming.

All these events decide what type of lure I am going to tie on. If I hear frogs then I am putting on a hollow body frog and throwing it all the way to the bank and working it back.

If the baitfish are tapping the surface then it is a buzz bait or Pop-R in that area but if you want to use a search bait then the Whopper Plopper is the bait of choice to cover a lot of water in a quick amount of time.

The new hollow body baits by Live Target Lures look so much like the real thing you can’t tell the difference so for weeds and lily pads that may be your best bet because they always hold brim.

Remember to always have a backup bait in case they short strike the lure you can go right back to the fish with a fluke or a worm that moves a little different but will still get a bite.

There is nothing like top water in the late summer and fall so if you want to really enjoy your day out on the water get out there and do some top water fishing.

What’s biting, where...

There is finally some offshore reports trickling in this week with all the wind keeping most of the boats tied to the docks.

The Oregon Inlet fleet had some decent mahi action along with some good tuna but the boats out of Hatteras seem to score more tuna so you never know what you are going to get till you go.

The weather is looking good and it is time to fill the freezer so let’s get out where the big boys swim.

On the beach and piers it’s all about the big reds with lots of good size drum coming onto the planks.

Fresh spot heads seem to be the bait of choice simply because the spot have moved into attack mode on the piers since the big storm.

Blood worms and small pieces of shrimp are the ticket for them and don’t throw anything back till you check with the guys at the end of the pier and see if they need the bait.

There is also a good speck bite in the surf as it has been all year and the flounder are there also. If you put enough time in at the piers the fish will eventually hit so keep at it.

Locally we have had one of the best years for largemouth in a long time with quality fish coming in on top water, crank baits and soft plastics.

Fellow kayaker Donald Campbell from Elizabeth City has been on the fish all year and this week was no exception.

He is an avid fan of creeks so I am sure his fish came from one of them in our nearby waters. I even had reports that the puppy drum have moved into the rivers.

Phil DeBrito was fishing with his wife Ruth on the Pasquotank and landed a 22-inch red fish which he released after some bragging photos.

Great job guys and keep those reports and pictures coming.

If you get out and catch a nice fish make sure you send it to me at fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and I will do my best to show it off for you.