With new models in showroom, now's time to find next boat


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Friday, November 3, 2017

In case you didn’t know it, now is the time to be looking for your next boat.

The new boats are coming into the showroom and the 2017’s are marked down for quick sale.

The manufacturers are making more boats than ever and the motor companies are giving away warranties.

The used boat market is flooded with boats in every price range from jon boats to motor yachts.

The internet has changed the way we look for boats now with search engines that can give exactly what boat we are looking for as well as pictures and details not available in the past.

With the price of boats these days it is easy to get carried away but there are a few details that you have to remember when buying a boat.

The number one rule is you are looking at the motor first.

That means the type of motor and the shape it is in will be the first thing you look at before you go any further weather you are look new or used because that is usually where the money is.

It doesn’t matter if the boat looks great and is exactly what you wanted if it doesn’t have a dependable motor you are sitting in the driveway all year and with the average 150hp outboard motor running in the mid to upper teens to replace your $5,000 boat you thought was a great deal could run you $20,000 by the time you replace the motor.

Make sure you pick a boat that the whole family can use because the kids need to learn to fish also and a family that fishes together stays together.

Also there is more to boating than just the boat. You have life jackets, electronics, flares and other safety products to purchase as well as spare props and fishing rods.

All of these things are what you have to consider when purchasing a boat but now is the time to look and the deals are out there so I will see you on the water.


The offshore fleet went out in between the winds and had great catches some days and good on some others.

There seems to be a good amount of tuna around with yellowfin ranking at the top but there was also some blackfin and even some mahi around still.

Throw in the occasional billfish and a king or two and they are doing well to say the least.

Closer to shore and on the piers it is all about the red drum with fish seeming to be coming from everywhere.

Every pier has a good day here and there and the beach is having good luck with puppy drum.

The mullet have been thick so as long as they are here so will the drum.

The mullet are coming on blood worms then you cut up the mullet and use them for the drum. If you ever wanted to fish the beach and piers now is the time to go.

Locally we have had one of the best years in a while for largemouth with quantities as well as quality.

Nice fish are coming on top water lures when the weather allows some cloud cover while soft plastics like Flukes and worms are paying off when it slows.

Main river wood and creeks are the go to places to start but always keep an eye out for the bait because they follow them up the creeks and flats.

The striper have been picking up also with reports that they are chasing schools of bait around the sound.

Look for flocks of birds and work the outside edges of the schooling fish. Coinjock canal and Mann’s Harbor bridge seem to be the hot spots right now trolling stretch lures and Rattle Traps.

If anyone gets out this week make sure you send me a report and some bragging pictures to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and I will be sure to pass it along.