Can You Really Bowl Better than 300?


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

An old bowling joke used to go like this; “Did you hear about the guy who bowled a three hundred and one?” Would you really expect someone to bowl a 300 and lose?”

Posting a 300 score in bowling is a pretty awesome feat.

To date, there have been 91 such scratch scores in the history of Albemarle Lanes.

Shooting a scratch 300 is what gets your name added to the house highs board in the local establishment and what earns you some pretty neat bling; but this week’s column is featuring a different kind of 300 game, the handicap 300.

While most bowlers who have their names on the wall at Albemarle Lanes were carrying averages around the 200 mark or so, anyone who walks through those doors on league night has the opportunity to post a 300 handicap score, and that’s exactly what happened last Tuesday night during the Fellowship League.

James Lang entered the night with a 173 average, but after tossing 10 strikes on his first 12 attempts, he finished with a 268 scratch score and a 301 handicap game.

As a matter of fact, only a stone 9 pin and a final 7 pin prevented Lang from posting the scratch perfecto.

At the end of the night, he finished with a 268-642 scratch session and a 301-741 handicap tally.

Lang’s 301 is only the second handicap 300 score of the season at Albemarle Lanes, joining a 306 from Woody Heckstall earlier this season on the MLK league.

Lake Krehel continued his assault on the pins during MLK last week posting a nice 235/654 to go along with games of 239 from John Turner, a 234 from Chris Farrell, and a 232 from Stephanie Winslow.

Monday Night Mixed nearly witnessed a handicap 300 from William Evans when he tossed 243 middle game of a 590 series.

Evans ended the night with 294-743 handicap numbers. Crip Williams added a 242 game while John Turner finished with a 608 series to round out the men’s leaders. Susie Thomas fired a 192 game to top the ladies’ scores from last Monday.

Sharon Hunt and Pamela Griffin shared top game honors on Albemarle Rollers, each posting a top score of 167, while Ocie Manos and Pat Dooley led the All American Ladies with a 178 and 175 respectively, just edging out a 163 from Patsy Sanders.

The Saturday morning bumpers were paced by the 116 showing from Jason Nistler while Cheyanne Hardison and Savanna Schup each hit the century mark.

Speaking of our youth leagues, there is still space for a few more bowlers in both the bumper and youth divisions at Albemarle Lanes. Interested bowlers can contact the lanes at 335-4213 to get more information.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.