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Northeastern duo recognized for commitments to Hampton

Shaw, Hall signed letters of intent in December

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Northeastern's JCori Shaw (left) and Dallas Hall will continue their football careers at Hampton University. Both took part in a signing ceremony at Northeastern, Wednesday.


By Craig Moyer
Sports Writer

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Although JCori Shaw and Dallas Hall have both stepped off the football field at Northeastern Athletic Complex for the final time in their careers as players, their impacts on the Northeastern program will be felt for years to come.

Both Shaw and Hall were recognized for their prior commitments to Hampton University in a singing ceremony attended by their family, friends, coaches and teammates on Wednesday afternoon at Northeastern.

Hampton, a Division I program in Hampton, Virginia, recently left the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference after 22 seasons for the more prominent Big South Conference.

The pair will play for first-year head coach Robert Prunty at Hampton, who had insight on both athletes during his time as an assistant coach at East Carolina in 2017.

Hall, a 6-foot-4 quarterback who transferred from Perquimans ahead of his senior season, and Shaw, a 6-foot-4 offensive lineman who spent four seasons on the varsity team for the Eagles, both committed to Hampton in December with full-ride scholarships.

Both athletes spoke with The Daily Advance moments after the ceremony on what it meant to be recognized in front of a crowd of their peers, family members and others within the NHS community.

“It really means a lot for them to show their support to both of us,” Hall said. “It really just helps fuel us into the next step a lot better.”

The quarterback added that the transition is made a lot smoother with the support of everyone around him.

Shaw said that it meant a lot to him to have his family and friends come together and to be able to be recognized next to one of his best friends.

Both players, who plan to be roommates at Hampton, said it helps to be going through the transition to college together.

“We click together, bond together and do everything together, so it’s good to go up with somebody I know very well,” Shaw said.

Hall added that it is a plus to have someone who will continue to push him to do his best on the field and in the classroom.

While the pair had much different careers at Northeastern, each had a strong impact on their teammates, coaches and everyone around them that will not soon be forgotten.

As several of Northeastern’s football coaches spoke on Hall and Shaw during the ceremony, many of them noted similar aspects of what made them great people, students and athletes.

Hard workers both on the field and in the classroom, leaders, dedicated student-athletes and gentlemen were some of the many reasons the coaches listed as to what made them both an important part of the program.

Northeastern head coach Antonio Moore continually stressed during the ceremony that good things happen to good people and that Hall and Shaw definitely fit the bill.

“Hard work, dedication, team before self, academics, everything we stand for,” Moore said. “If you thought of Northeastern High School, those are two players that come to mind.”

The head coach added that it is good to see athletes come in, work hard and end up with a full scholarship for college.

Moore said that football is not all about winning, but also having fun, as Shaw and Hall always made the game fun for the entire team and coaching staff.

“We are surely going to miss them, but you know we do have some coming up, but it’s still going to be tough to replace them,” Moore said.

Northeastern defensive coordinator Ed Thorton said he was proud of Hall and Shaw and added they are everything the school wants their athletes to be.

“They are gentleman, good students, good football players and just what we want out of our kids here,” Thorton said.

The Eagles assistant coach added that the duo can credit their scholarship and spot on a Division I football roster to their hard work in the classroom.

Northeastern linebackers coach David Brinson, who has been with the team for over 30 years and was a coach when Moore played for the Eagles, said part of why he has continued to coach is to help see the athletes succeed.

Brinson noted that you can not have a successful team without great leaders, which both Hall and Shaw are, as they both have a never-quit mentality.

“They were always trying to help their teammates become better people,” Brinson said. “Both of them are going to be very successful because of that.”

Offensive line coach David Lawson joked during the ceremony that sometimes he could not yell loud enough from the sidelines, so it was nice to have a leader like Shaw on the field making sure his fellow linemen had their assignments correct.

As a special addition to the ceremony, Moore and the rest of the Eagles coaching staff unveiled a Northeastern Football Wall of Fame, which honors player’s accomplishments over the past decade plus, including college commitments and all-star game selections.

The wall of fame will hang in the gym lobby at Northeastern and motivate future Eagles football players for years to come.

Both Hall and Shaw said it was a privilege to have their name on the board and to have it unveiled during their signing ceremony.

Hall noted it is a privilege to be a part of a goal for future players at the school.

“For us to be posted on that for people to aim to, that’s really big because we like to impact other people’s lives for the better as much as we can,” Hall said.

The quarterback added that he always tried to set an example of how a player can balance greatness in the classroom and on the field.

Shaw added that it was nice to be able to impact his teammates and continue to impact future players at Northeastern.

“It means a whole lot for my name to go up there, they look up there and see our names and they push harder to be like us one day,” Shaw said.

Moore, who has been the Eagles head coach for 13 years, said it is an honor to look back and see how much his players have accomplished during that time.

The head coach said football is about more than just the accolades, but when he sits back and looks at it, it’s nice to see the role he and his fellow coaches have played in the athlete’s lives.

“That’s all we want, to give the kids an opportunity at the next level,” Moore said. “I’d say we are doing a pretty decent job giving them that opportunity.”