Springtime spinner baits are perfect in cloudy water


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, April 7, 2018

When it comes to spring time bass fishing the weather controls what and where we fish and with the rain and wind the water clouds up on us and we end up fishing muddy water even if we don’t want it.

The thing about cloudy water is the fish are still biting but they tune into different things other than sight to find their prey.

They rely more on vibration and smell to find their bait and for that the spinner bait shines.

The spinner bait is an old school bait around here and almost nobody throws it anymore but that is exactly why we want to have one tied onto our rod.

This bait is perfect in cloudy or muddy water and the vibration and sound will attract a bite when no other bait will.

Because it is not a popular bait makes it that much better with fish that have never seen the bait before and it will attract the fish when other baits may not.

A spinner bait shines in dirty water with flash and vibration that cannot be duplicated by other baits.

You want a bait that has Colorado or Indiana blades which are more round and vibrate more in the water.

These blades fished just under the surface will bring a strike that will make your heart stop and when they do strike you want to set the hook with everything you have on that rod.

I grew up fishing spinner baits on the Potomac River in the grass beds and pads so when you fish a bait that long you learn a few tricks that will put you in a better position to draw a strike.

A spinner bait can be worked at different depths and speeds to match what the fish wants so I usually fish a 3/8 ounce first in either white or white and chartreuse.

I throw the bait up to the bank and work it back to the boat just below the surface if the water temps are high and just out of sight if the water is cold.

I like to let the fish tell me what they want for depth and speed so I change up till I find the right combination in order to get a strike.

So when the big rains come in and dirty up the water don’t forget the spinner bait when you leave the dock.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore report is looking up with lots of tuna action coming into all the marinas.

The yellowfin have begun to show up in good numbers along with some blackfin.

Throw in some good bottom fishing and the occasional king fish and you have a good day on the blue water.

The big thing is the wind has finally slowed down enough to get out so now we can reach these fish.

On the beaches and piers we have skate and dogfish showing up on the northern shorelines but the best bet is still the point.

It is such a dynamic place to fish with the sweeping tides and constantly moving water there is always a place to catch fish.

Right now the sharks have moved in on the south side but if you go to the end of the island at ramp 49 or 50 you still have a shot at a puppy drum or two.

We also have the blow toads showing up which means the rest of the species will be right behind them.

Locally we have been on the largemouth bite with some nice fish coming into the boats.

I have a report that Bobby Moore and Vince Hoium from Moyock was fishing the Northwest River and Vince caught an 8.4-pound largemouth on a spinner bait.

Those guys are the kings of that river and have been on the fish for the past couple of years.

The bass are loving this warmer weather and the water temps are rising so the fishing will only get better.

The striper are still around with the sound bridge paying off on stretch lures and umbrella rigs.

The crappie have been moving up to spawn also with creeks being your best bet from the reports I have been getting.

If anyone gets out this week send me a report and some bragging pictures to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and let me know how you did.