Local bowling leagues wrap up big season


By Mike Hawkins

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

With the final few leagues ending this past week, I thought this would be a good time to turn back the clock and recognize some of the top local performances of the season.

Monday Night Mixed was led by William Swinson who averaged 204 and Debbie Winslow who averaged 173. Swinson also claimed the top game of the season, a 289, while Winslow took top game and series honors for the ladies, posting a 246 and 613.

Rondell Christian claimed the men’s top series, a 737 and Korey Gregory raised his average the most for the men, increasing by almost 11 pins during the season.

Mary Watson was Monday Night’s most improved bowler, raising her average by almost 12 full pins.

Mark Tarkington took top billing during Fellowship League with his 218 average and a pair of perfect games. Lee Owen’s 754 series was the best of the season during Fellowship, while Grant Overton saw his average grow by 15 pins during the season.

On the ladies’ side of the Fellowship board, Kaytee Simpson’s 193 average and 267 game were both high marks to go along with Bobbi Jo Tarkington’s 656 series and Katie Davis’s 5 pin increase for most improved women’s bowler.

Thursday night’s Martin Luther King league witnessed Lake Krehel hit for the triple crown, bagging a 202 average, 299 game, and 763 series. Joe Reid took the most improved honors though, growing his average by 22 pins!

The ladies of MLK were paced by Debbie Winslow’s 176 top average, while Brittney Gaumond’s 263 game and 663 series were league highs. Brenda Marx had the most improved ladies’ average with an increase of 15 pins.

The Albemarle Rollers ladies league was home to a pair of top averages from Susie Thomas (150.8) and Sharon Hoffler (150.0). Hoffler also claimed the top game of the season, a 208, while Patsy Sander’s 537 was the top series. Mary Hopkins was most improved with a nearly 14 pin increase.

Ocie Manos claimed high average from the All American Ladies, while Stella Miller took top game and series honors with 223-567 marks while also increasing her average almost 10 pins!

On the youth front, Christopher Vinson earned high average with a 156, Ben Hawkins took top game with a 237, and Bryce Hawkins took top series with a 599. The most improved youth bowlers were Jacob Davenport for the guys, who increased his average by 21 pins and Elizabeth Scaff for the girls with a 7 pin increase.

In wrapping up the long season, Fellowship League held their rolloff last week and the Fellowship League Champions are once again the Fellowship League Champions! Seriously, that’s not a typo, that’s their team name. And after claiming the title for the third straight season, I expect that name will stick for another season.

The Champs put on a showing during the roll-off which showed why they were worthy of reclaiming their title. Lead by Mark Tarkington’s 257-684 and Jevon Simpson’s 265-665, and joined by Kaytee Simpson’s 199-540 and Jason Small’s 201-555, their team finished 128 pins ahead of their closest competitors. Also earning recognition during the rolloff were Lake Krehel (223-660) and Lee Owen (233-609).

Albemarle Rollers wrapped up their season with a team of retired school personnel known as Schoolhouse taking the title. Their team members were Sharon Hoffler, Mary Morris, Susie Thomas, and Kathleen Thomas.

Thomas and Hoffler led in the scoring during the final week with impressive numbers of 181-518 and 182-466 respectively to go along with Rhonda Hilderbrand’s 185-454.

Youth League also held their three-team roll-off Saturday with the team of Troy Brickhouse, Ben Hawkins, and Bryce Hawkins, collectively known as the Barons, taking the top spot. They edged out the teams of Thomas Adams, Christopher Vinson, and Emily Brewer, and Daniel Castro, Elizabeth Scaff and Joshua Davenport.

Vinson tossed the top numbers of the morning, a 215-522, followed by Ben Hawkins’ 180-497, Thomas Adams’ 442 series, and Jacob Cooper’s 187 game.

The youth also held a Bowl Your Average tournament to see which member could roll the most consecutive games at or over average. Matt Cooper edged out Ben Hawkins during their fifth game, while Aidan Mummert made it to the fourth round.

Bumper’s top scores last week went to Cheyanne Hardison (130), Conner Cafferello (103), and Jason Nistler (101). Nistler won the Bowl Your Average tournament, followed by Ariana Mummert.

While the bumper season will take a few weeks off before starting their summer Crazy 8 league on June 9, the youth will have a chance to earn some scholarship money this Saturday as they hold their Raymond C. Collier Scholarship tournament. Altogether, over $500 in scholarship money will be earned.

Summer leagues kicked off last week with adult leagues bowling on Monday and Thursday nights.

Monday Night Trio was topped by Rondell Christian’s 249-637, William Swinson’s 255-621, Garry Williams 213 game and Boris Beatty’s 601 series. The ladies were paced by Rika Bell’s 191-416, Patsy Sanders’ 145-410.

Thursday Night Quartet posted some huge scores as well last week. Chris Farrell fired a big-time 278-674, while Casey Delauretis was firing his own 268-622. John Turner added a 262 game and Lake Krehel tossed a 608 series.

Top games from the ladies came from Brittney Gaumond (192) and Stephanie Winslow (181).

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.