Micro ponds can yield catches

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Alex Elliott from Elizabeth City with a bass from a small pond in town.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, June 23, 2018

When I fish ponds in our area you may be confused as to what ponds I fish.

What you don’t know is that some of the ponds I fish are actually micro ponds.

Micro ponds are basically mud puddles like drainage ponds for parking lots or small industrial complexes that most people think don’t have any fish in them at all much less life in general but what a lot of people don’t know is that these little micro bodies of water hold some big bass as well as blue gill and crappie.

Micro ponds are basically drainage ponds designed to hold water that flow off of parking lots and landscape features which hold water till it reaches the required height to over flow into a creek or river.

They are all around us but because we have seen them built or even seen them empty during dry spells we assume they don’t have any fish.

However nature has a way of restocking these ponds with birds that carry eggs from other waters on their feet and drop them into these ponds when they land.

You will be surprised how fast a little pond can stock itself with catchable fish growing in just a few year.

The baits I throw tend to be a little smaller in order to match the hatch like small crank baits, soft plastics or a Beetle Spin but don’t leave out a spinner bait or a top water bait they will hit them also.

I have caught some huge fish in the smallest body of water so whenever you get a minute stop by these little ponds and you will be surprised how many fish are in them.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing report for the offshore boats is a great tuna bite coming out of Oregon Inlet but the mahi are coming on strong with limits being brought back to the docks every day.

Citation yellowfin are coming in almost every day along with a big eye and good numbers of blackfin.

The fleet out of Hatteras is mostly a mahi bite with a few blackfin in the mix but good numbers of fish anywhere you fish.

On the sand and piers it is a typical summertime pattern with plenty of bait for the fish to chase so schools of Spanish mackerel and cobia are running up and down the sandbar chasing the bait.

There are good numbers of sea mullet and pompano to keep you busy right in the surf along with the occasional black drum showing up in the mix.

It’s a good time to fish the beach with warm, clear water coming in this week.

Here locally we have a ton of white perch in our water ways with some anglers catching over 100 in a day.

White Beetle Spins tipped with shrimp fished in the drop offs and ledges will work while some anglers target the stump fields and they are catching fish.

The largemouth bite has moved into a predictable summer time pattern with fish being caught on top water early in the morning then they get tight to the cover when the sun comes up so flipping soft plastics and jigs up in the stumps and cypress knees will be your best bet.

Hollow body frogs, Whopper Ploppers and Pop-Rs are your best top water lures right now then small worms with light weights will bring the bites later in the day.

If anyone gets out this week I need a fishing report and some pics to show off for you so send them to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.