Area ideal for north wind fishing

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Jake Worthington from Camden with his 30th drum of the year.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Here in our region we are surrounded by rivers and creeks that do exactly what the wind tells them to do and when the wind in out of the north that means that the water leaves the rivers and heads towards the sound and out the inlets.

What this does is basically give us a few days of low water that positions the fish and makes for easy pickings if you know what to look for.

When I cut my teeth fishing on the Potomac River I used to love the last couple of hours of falling tide because it moved the fish off the bank and reduced the amount of water that you had to search to find them.

It also put them into more easily fishable cover and that is exactly what happens to us when the wind blows like it has this week.

The storm off the coast has produced several days of steady north winds and dropped the waters enough to expose the bank and that makes them have a limited amount of structure to choose from.

My favorite place to fish when this happens is boat docks because it offers them deeper structure as well as shade from the hot summer sun.

When picking a boat dock you want to first look for one with some decent water under them so the longer the better and when you approach the docks you should try to keep it as quiet as possible and never bump a piling.

The approach should let you skip your baits under the dock and the farther you get back the better.

This allows you to work the entire dock from back to front all while looking for the sweet spot on that particular dock.

Every dock has a sweet spot which for some reason is the place that most of the fish like to hang out.

It could be a deeper hole or maybe extra structure like a log or brush pile but for whatever reason you are looking for that sweet spot. If you are fishing for largemouth it may hold a single fish or five but if you are fishing for perch it could hold 50 fish.

Once you find that sweet spot and fish it out change sides on the dock and hit it from a different angle or maybe a different bait.

I was fishing a creek in my kayak with some friends and we found where the perch where hiding under one dock and filled the cooler in an hour.

All of this was thanks to a north wind that lowered the water in the creek and put the fish in one spot so next time you hear the wind is going to blow out of the north get ready to fish.

What’s biting, where...

The same north wind that blew the water out of the rivers kept the offshore guys close to shore this week. Last weekend before the blow the fleet made it out and the mahi bite was off the chain with some nice limits and maybe even a world record for a junior angler.

Lucas Duke was on board the Wasabi out of Teach’s Lair and caught a 72 pound 14ounce monster which is a new world record for a junior angler.

Congratulations Lucas and keep the lines tight. There was also some blackfin, yellowfin, wahoo and some billfish caught but the mahi looks strong this year.

On the beaches it was tough to fish because of the waves from our tropical storm but the piers had some good luck with a decent mullet bite as well as some blues and spots.

The big story on the piers this week is the big drum that showed up with some piers bringing in 5 or 6 a day. Some of these bulls are over 340 inches so that is awesome for this time of year.

Jake Worthington was fishing the end of Avalon this week and scored his 30th drum for the year and it isn’t even the fall yet.

Good job Jake and let me know if I can help reel some of those fish in.

In our rivers and creeks there is still a good largemouth bite with early morning top water like buzz baits and popping baits then switch to soft plastics and flip the shallow wood and stumps.

This pattern should hold all summer long but with the cooler water the top water bite could run longer into the mornings.

The white perch are still thick with more fish than you can throw a Beetle Spin at.

Deep structure and the first drop off the shallow flats seem to be paying off.

If anyone gets out this week send me a fishing report and some pictures to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.