Choosing an offshore spot for fishing


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, July 28, 2018

We as anglers in our region are blessed with some of the best fishing in the world and the choices we have available is amazing to say the least.

We can go largemouth fishing in the morning then go to the beach and catch a giant red fish all in the same day but the offshore fishing is where the big boys and girls go play.

Our offshore fishing brings people from all over the world to come try their hand at some of the best angling on the east coast.

What makes us so special is the fact that the Gulfstream comes right to our beach at Hatteras then makes a right hand turn and heads out into the Atlantic.

This creates a very diverse and active fishery which brings not only world class mahi fishing but white marlin, blue marlin, sailfish and wahoo.

There are blackfin, yellowfin or Bluefin tuna in our waters at any given moment of the year and we have a fleet of some of the best captains and mates to make your trip worth wild.

The demand for offshore fishing at the Outer Banks has created a gathering of skippers, mates and quality boats to meet the demand of the anglers traveling to the beach for a trip of a lifetime.

In the northern beaches we have Oregon Inlet, Pirates Cove and O.B.X. Marina. Down at Hatteras we have Hatteras Harbor and Teach’s Lair named after Black Beard himself who used to cruise the waters around the island while hiding from the law.

The Hatteras fleet is closer to the Gulfstream with certain times of the year you can catch your limit in sight of land.

It is the home of the Albatross Fleet which is the first fleet built just for charter fishing at the beach.

The northern fleets have some of the most modern boats made and the demand for these boats has created some of the best boat builders in the world with custom charter boats costing millions of dollars.

It takes about two hours for most boats to reach the Gulfstream from here but the tuna fishing tends to be a bit better than out of the southern fleet.

Most charters cost between $1,200 to $1,800 per day and can hold six people plus you have to tip the mate so it will run around $250 to $350 per person.

If you don’t have six people they can do a makeup charter which means you put your name on a list and fish with others who don’t have a full boat. To some people this may sound like a lot of money but if you go out of town for the day a good hotel room will run about that much and all you do there is sleep.

If you want to experience the amazing fishing we have off our coast then give the marina of your choice a call or hit me up and I can help point you in the right direction.

You can find me at fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.

What’s biting, where...

The weather this week has been a huge washout to say the least but they had a few brave soles head out into the blue.

The old saying that the fish are already wet is true and they don’t care if it is raining.

They brought back limits of mahi as well as some tile fish off the bottom.

The billfish bite is gaining strength also which happens this time of year and it’s just in time for the Carolina Boat Builders Tournament out of Pirates Cove this weekend.

There should be lots of white marlin and some blues caught this week.

On the piers and the beach the weather kept most anglers home and on the couch but some brave souls made it out and caught some fish between the rain drops.

There are some spot and croakers on the northern beaches while some pompano and blues are hitting on the south beaches. There are some blues here and there and we even had a kingfish caught off the end of Avalon.

Here locally we had very few anglers head out due to the rain and high water.

When the rain comes in like this it usually makes the fishing good with cooler water temps and higher oxygen levels.

The largemouth should be up shallow in the stumps longer than usual and the white perch will be also.

Top water lures like frogs and poppers will work for the bass while the perch should hit Beetle Spins with shrimp.

This weekend should be a great weekend to go fishing so make sure you send some bragging pics as well as a report and I will do my best to work it into next week’s article.