Ever wanted to bowl with a pro? Here’s your chance


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

If you’re a fan of the Professional Bowler’s Tour and have ever wanted to lace up the shoes and bowl a few games with some of them, your opportunity has arrived!

This weekend, the PBA South Regional Tour will make a stop at AMF Western Branch in Chesapeake for the PBA AMF Western Branch for the PBA AMF Western Branch South Open Presented By Hammer.

If you would like to watch some of the best bowlers from the South Region, their practice session will be this coming Friday from noon until 2 p.m.

During a typical practice session, you’ll see the bowlers trying all their equipment from one end of the house to the other, seeing how different lanes react with the arsenal they’ve chosen for the weekend.

The tournament itself will begin on Saturday morning with the bowlers competing in an 8-game qualifying block.

A squad will begin at 8:30, followed by B squad taking the lanes at 2:30.

Sunday morning at 9:00, the top one-third of the field will return for 4 more games of qualifying before the field is cut to 16 to bowl 3 games, then cut to 4 for a pair of games before finally being cut to the top four for a step-ladder final.

Those final 4 bowlers will have bowled 17 games to earn their spot in the finals.

The tournament will have a little local flare as well.

Local PBA member, Mark Tarkington, plans to compete, as does Albemarle Lanes’ league bowler Jevon Simpson and Adam Meads from the OBX Bowling Center.

Good luck to this local trio of talent.

If you would like to bowl alongside some of these bowlers, your chance is Friday night. AMF Western Branch will host a PBA Pro-Am with three divisions and a choice of two time slots.

Bowlers will bowl three games on a pair of lanes and will be joined by a different PBA member each game.

The tournament will use a 3-6-9 format, awarding free strikes in those frames.

There are two youth divisions, 13 and under and 14 and up, split into boys and girls divisions, to go along with an adult division and a senior division.

Bowling times are 6:00 and 8:30.

The local youth league will be well represented in this event as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some good news from these bowlers next week.

Entry forms and complete rules are available at Albemarle Lanes.

Monday Night Trio was the home of the top scores last week as Troy Brickhouse recorded his first 700-plus series in at least twenty-some years when he blasted a 245-702 series.

After a brief absence, Lee Owen returned to the lanes for an impressive 242-660, followed by David Ange’s 246-603.

Other notable high games from the men came from Terrence Riddick (223), Woody Heckstall (227), and Boris Beatty (236).

The ladies’ side of the high scores report from Monday night included the names of Katie Barefoot (175-496), Crystal Owen (194-473), and Patsy Sanders (186-444).

Rondell Christian had only a stubborn tenth frame 7-pin stand between him and his first 300 game at Albemarle Lanes last Thursday night.

He finished with a league leading 279-668.

Chris Farrell followed closely behind with a nice 224-636, while Bobby Winslow added a 577 series and Lake Krehel tossed a 223 game.

High games for the ladies last Thursday came from Brittney Gaumond (184), Debbie Winslow (171), and Cicley Mooney (152). Mooney also had 231 handicap game to go along with Sherry Huntley’s 230-656 handicap series.

Cheyanne Hardison conquered the pins for a nice 200 game during the Crazy-8 Bumper league.

She was followed by scores of 108 from both Connor Cafferello and Tristan Hardison.

Ben Hawkins topped the Youth Crazy-8 session with a 264-758, followed by Bryce Hawkins’ 258-697 and Christopher Vinson’s 241-663.

Lindsay Porter tamed the pins for a sweet 222-545 to go along with Elizabeth Scaff’s 190-448 and Tabby Vanscoy’s 80-219.

G.S. Pinner (206) and Gary Nistler (200) both broke the 200 barrier for the adults during the Crazy-8 league.

Team sign ups are now taking place for fall leagues at Albemarle Lanes.

Returning bowlers and teams are urged to stop by Albemarle Lanes to secure their team slots in their desired leagues.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.