MLB not only place for tight races


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Looking over the Major League Baseball standings this past weekend, I noticed that all three of the American League races were all but nearly decided, but over in the National League, all three division leaders averaged just a single game between first and second place.

MLB is not the only place I discovered some tight races at the top of the league standings though. The log jams of professional baseball are being mirrored by the summer league standings in all three Albemarle Lanes’ short seasons; Monday Night Trio, Thursday Night Quartet, and the Youth Crazy-8. 

Monday Night Trio entered their final week of the season last night with a two-team tie for the top spot and the two teams were scheduled to meet for a winner take all match last night. I’ll have those results to share next week.

Battling for the top spot was the team of Donald Spencer, David Tripp, and Josh Mooney, and the team of David Ange, Matt Stanwick, and Boris Beatty.

Thursday Quartet will have an interesting scenario as well this week when they arrive for their final night. The Misfits (Cicley Mooney, Sherry Huntley, Travis Mooney, Chainey Huntley, and Josh Mooney) are sitting in first by themselves with a 4-point lead. A team can earn up to four points per night.

Where it gets interesting is there is a tie for second place between Frozen Ropes (Debbie Winslow, Bobby Winslow, Stephanie Winslow, and Lindsay Perry) and Blowing Smoke (Chris Olds, Murdock Spencer, John Turner, and Rondell Christian.) Both teams are sitting four points out of first.

This league, like most, has a position round on the final night meaning first place bowls second place, third bowls fourth and so on.

Because of total pinfall for the season so far, Frozen Ropes earned the chance to roll against The Misfits on final night.

All that leads to this scenario: If Frozen Ropes wins four against The Misfits and Blowing Smoke takes four points in its match this week, the league ends in a three way tie! I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

Not to be outdone by the adult leagues, the Youth-Adult Crazy 8 league came down to the last day this past weekend. The team of Ben and Bryce Hawkins, and their mom, Gail Hawkins, entered the final day with a one point lead over Christopher Vinson and Lindsay Porter and, you guessed it; they bowled each other this week.

At the end of the day, the team of Ben, Bryce, and Gail ended up taking all four games this week to win the summer league.

They were led by Ben Hawkins’ 287-746 and Bryce Hawkins’ 254-656. Gaston Pinner shot his new personal high game of 258, while Christopher Vinson added a 667 series.

Lindsay Porter’s 160 game and Elizabeth Scaff’s 149 topped the Saturday morning youth girls.

GS Pinner scorched the pins for a nice 231-644 and Gail Hawkins added a 212 game to lead the adults during the Crazy-8 league.

Taysha Cofield (135), Cheyanne Hardison (119), Connor Cafferello (82), and Kenzie Vanscoy (80) had the top bumper scores while Val Hardison’s 163 was the top adult bumper score.

In the adult leagues last week, for the second straight week, we had a local bowler fire a 10-strike 279 game. The most recent came from David Ange as he led all during the Monday Night Trio with a 279-636. A second frame spare and a final ball 9-count was all that stood between Ange and his seventh claim at perfection.

William Swinson (234-620), Garry Williams (223-614), and Lake Krehel (235 game) joined Ange on the leaderboard last Monday night. Crystal Owen (171), Karen Ashley (160), and Katie Barefoot (156) had the top ladies’ games.

Chris Farrell ruled the roost last Thursday night with a fine 255-679. Rondell Christian and John Turner added 208-576 and 211-559 tallies respectively to close out the men’s leaders last Thursday.

Debbie Winslow (204-536) finished just ahead of her daughter, Stephanie Winslow (201-530) to lead the ladies last Thursday night. Patsy Sanders added a 160 game to join the Winslows on the leader’s board for the ladies.

We had a few locals compete in the Pro-Am tournament last Friday night at AMF Western Branch Lanes in Chesapeake with Bryce Hawkins (811) and Josh Davenport (792) turning in the best performances. Jacob Davenport (699), Ben Hawkins (625), and Brenda Cowand (615) also competed alongside some of the PBA Regional pros.

As the regular season nears its first week, there are a few team and individual spots remaining on Monday and Tuesday nights, as well as the ladies only leagues on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Thursday night’s league appears to be filled, however; if you have a team, or you, as an individual, want to bowl on Thursday nights, I suggests that you stop by Albemarle Lanes to get your name in the league book just in case an opening becomes available.

There is always space for bumper and youth bowlers. They will have registration days on Saturday, August 25 and September 1. Anyone wishing to receive information on the youth program can email me at ecyouthbowling@gmail.com.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.