Finding good spots on the beach


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Every time I fish the beach it seems to be a little bit different but still familiar.

It doesn’t matter if I am fishing up in Corolla or down at the point there are certain things that make the beach a special place to fish from and the opportunities that are there to catch a fish of a lifetime are always in the back of your mind.

You pick a spot that looks good and put your rods out where there should be fish but it seems to be slow even though you know you are in a good place so what do you do. You take a walk and find the fish that’s what you do.

When I find myself at a slow spot during the day I tie on a speck jig or a Gulp bait then I walk down the beach and fish the surf.

What I am looking for are the fish that missed my baits earlier or the ones that have not come to the baits yet.

I have said many times that the majority of fish are right in the surf so when I need a little confident builder I bait up and walk the surf casting just past the breakers and work the baits back to me.

This is a technique that has worked for years but only if you have the patience to work through the people and find the fish.

My go to bait for this type of fishing is usually a Gulp bait on a jig head fished on a spinning rod with about twelve pound test.

I make sure I work the lure by bouncing it off the bottom with large jerks in order to attract the strikes from passing fish feeding in the surf.

My secondary bait is a speck rig which is a premade double jig head bait and I tip the baits with strips of squid to add scent and taste to the lures.

These two baits will catch flounder, speckled trout and even black drum as well as the usual bottom feeders.

So next time the spouse says lets go for a walk on the beach load up the rod and get to walking.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fleet has had some spectacular billfishing this week with the Alice Kelly tournament and the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament.

The Alice Kelly winner was the Off Duty skippered by Captain Mike Everly on an 80 foot Viking.

Captain Mike had 450 points to squeak out his win for his lady anglers.

The fleet caught 47 white marlin, 14r blue marlin and 16 sailfish all together for the day so great job ladies.

The Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament will wrap up this Friday but the boat to beat is the Builders Choice who brought back a blue marlin weighing 911.1 pounds.

That is a fish that will be hard to top but if anyone can do it these captains will. The Pirates Cove Tournament brings anglers and skippers from all over the world to try their luck at fishing the Outer Banks and with the locals having the advantage of fishing in their own back yard who knows what will happen.

We also have some good tuna action still going on for the rest of the fleet and the mahi have begun to pick up again along with some wahoo.

Closer to shore the piers are beginning to show some life again with Jennette’s bringing in some king fish off the end of the planks.

There is also some good blue action and some Spanish coming in for the guys who like to throw metal. On the sand it’s a typical summer time pattern with mullet, spot and croaker showing up on the northern beaches while you can score some decent pompano on the south shores around Buxton.

There was a giant hammer head shark landed out of the Avon area along with some occasional drum here and there.

The water is crystal clear and warm so it is a good time to get out on the sand according to Ed Wicker from Bob’s Bait and Tackle.

He tells me that the fish are biting and to use blood worms on the small hook near the bottom while using cut bait on the larger hook at the top of the bottom rig.

This combination has been paying off during the surf fishing clinics run out of Bob’sd for the past week.

Here on the local scene we are still fishing high water but that will change soon when the wind changes.

The fish have moved shallow with the stumps having plenty of water on them now the baitfish have moved in so the big fish followed.

Top water baits are the fun ones to throw with frogs, poppers and buzz baits being the preferred method then switching to flipping worms and other soft plastics when that slows.

David Buchanan from Edenton was out on his yak and caught some nice fish on the Chowan in an undisclosed location.

You bass guys are always quick to show off your fish but never any details.

The white perch are still as thick as thieves in all the rivers and sound so if you want to fill a cooler just tip a white Beetle Spin or an Uncle Jessie lure with a piece of shrimp and hit the stump fields or the first drop from the flat.

If anyone gets out this week send me a picture and some details to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and show off your catch like David did.