Goetz set to be MACU's first baseball coach


Mid-Atlantic Christian (MACU) baseball coach Jason Goetz


By David Gough
Sports Writer

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Christian University is in the process of revamping its athletic program as it joined the new Eastern Metro Athletic Conference in the USCAA earlier this summer.

New sports are being added to the program, including baseball and women’s soccer, which are set to begin in the upcoming school year.

For Mustangs baseball, It was announced earlier this month that Jason Goetz will be its first head coach.

“I just felt that it was time to make the jump from the high school level,” Goetz said.

Goetz was an assistant coach at Perquimans High School for the last five seasons. In that time, the Pirates had a record of 103-28.

He played for Pasquotank his freshman year of high school in 2004 before moving to Winterville. He later played at the College of the Albemarle for a season.

There’s also more to it than just the opportunity itself to coach at a college. Being able to coach at one in this area especially was a draw for him.

“I think just my interest of seeing the athletes in this area being afforded the opportunity to stay home and still continue baseball,” Goetz said. “There’s been a lot of athletes over the years who have had to go elsewhere.”

MACU’s establishment of a baseball program means it’s automatically the closest opportunity to play collegiate baseball for many of the kids in this area. Elizabeth City State and College of the Albemarle no longer have their programs.

While Goetz does have a little head coaching experience, namely three years with Perquimans’ legion team, he acknowledges the challenges ahead of him going from an assistant high school coach to a college head coach.

“It’s going to be tough,” he said. “I said in my interview that I think being a college coach is intimidating no matter what your experience is.”

The experience as an assistant coach of a successful program did go a long way, though. Goetz credited Perquimans athletic director and baseball head coach Justin Roberson for him having the chance to even make the jump.

“Really, this opportunity wouldn’t have come about if it wasn’t for him,” Goetz said. “He gave the opportunity to have some leadership roles, to do some things on my own and figure out what works best. He gave me and others more leeway than what a normal assistant is given.”

As it’s a brand new program, there are short and long-term goals for Goetz as he gets settled into his new role.

The first one being perhaps more basic and necessary than the rest.

“First goal is just getting our numbers up to a sustainable college level, roster size,” Goetz said. “The biggest thing is culture and having a family-type bond (like Perquimans). Building that atmosphere at MACU is one of the first things I want to do here.”

Unlike high school, Goetz will have to recruit players to MACU. With bigger schools to compete against, he said he’ll have to get creative with it.

Even then, he wants to make this as successful as it can be in a timely fashion. To do that, he says he needs to do it the right way.

“Obviously, you always want to win, but my biggest thing is I want to build this thing up right,” he said. “I could recruit the junior college level and get kids who’d only be here two years, but I don’t really believe in microwaving the program.”

Instead, he insists on keeping his recruiting aimed at the high school kids, where the players can grow and develop over the course of four years in college. For him, that’s the most successful way of building a program.

Goetz wants competitive depth on his roster as soon as possible and with the talent in this area alone, he knows the program can be successful.

“Before a four years time, I want to play in the USCAA World Series,” Goetz said. “I don’t see any reason why we can’t. There’s a ton of local talent and I want to be one of those eight teams playing in the world series.”