Perch fishing at its best

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Asher Morris went fishing on the Perquimans River with his grandpa Chris Morris. The younger Morris caught his first white perch.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, August 25, 2018

This year has been one of the best years for perch fishing we have had in a long time and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The sound and all of its tributaries have an abundance of perch in them and it seems to be the go to fish for a lot of anglers with some fish going over a foot in length.

When you fish for perch in our area there are multiple ways to fish for them and different structure to find them in so there always seems to be a way to put some in the cooler.

You don’t necessarily need a boat to find the fish.

If you are fishing from the bank you can simply put a bottom rig on with shrimp and throw it out.

While that one is soaking take another rod and tie on a white Beetle Spin or an Uncle Jessie and tip the lure with shrimp.

Throw these baits out and reel them back in is all the action you need just make sure you reel it slow enough to be out of sight.

If you are feeling brave walk the banks and throw at the stump fields along the shore line. The perch will hang around the structure till a baitfish swims by for an easy meal.

If you fish from a boat the fish are usually around two different types of structure.

They are either up in the stump flats or out on the first drop off in around five or so feet of water.

There are a few more places to look but to be honest with you there are so many fish in the water right now you can find them just in these two places.

If you have any boat docks that have a little water under them they will be there also but you have to fish it thoroughly and make sure you hit every piling on the dock before moving on.

Once you find one fish chances are there are more so fish the area until the school breaks up and moves on.

There is no size limit and you can keep as many as you like so have fun and take the kids they love this kind of action.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fleet stayed tied to the docks a couple of days this week due to the high winds but the days they did get out they did pretty good with some yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

They also had some mahi and a couple of billfish releases and the ones who targeted bottom fish caught some tiles while they were out.

On the piers and beaches the big waves kept some people at home but the fish are still there.

It is clear water at the beach and the fish have been active.

The southern beaches have pompano, blues and mullet.

Above of inlet there was a pretty good flounder bite in Kill Devils Hills as well as a pompano bite up around Avalon.

The mullet and blues are still biting up and down the beaches with a scattered Spanish bite.

Here locally we have the usual largemouth bite going on with top water plugs in the morning then soft plastics in the afternoon. I got out on the ponds this week and could not get a bite on top water at all but when I moved to a texas rigged lizard and started flipping I scored big with some fish over three pounds.

The white perch are still active and seem to be in every creek and river we have.

Chris Morris who invented the Uncle Jessie lure took his grandson Asher out fishing for perch and he scored his first white perch of his life.

Way to go Asher and knowing your grandfather the way I do it won’t be your last perch you catch believe me.

If anyone gets out this week it should be good fishing so send me a report and some pics and I will do my best to get it out there for you. Send them to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook.