Buzz baits for bass fishing

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Crystal Eure from Pasquotank made this catch recently.


By Mike Sweeney

Sunday, September 2, 2018

This summer there have been some good lures used to catch our local population of largemouth bass but one of the fun lures is the buzz bait.

A buzz bait is a bait that will bring big fish to the boat and the explosion on the lure is a bite that will have you bragging to all your friends next time you get together.

It’s a simple lure to use because you really just throw it out and reel it back in but the subtle differences you do with the lure will increase your chances of a strike and catching the big one.

I fish a couple of different buzz baits when I am out on the rivers and ponds but the one thing they all have in common is a trailer hook.

I believe that a trailer hook is responsible for about 25 percent more hook ups and keeps my short strikes to a minimum.

In the rivers I throw a bait with a metal blade usually silver in color with a white or white and chartreuse color skirt.

If I get fish coming up and looking but not striking on the bait then I will switch to a black bait with a black skirt.

Anytime you are fishing for largemouth and you consistently get short strikes the first thing you do is change color.

Where to throw a buzz bait is just as important as how but what I like to target is the stump fields and flats that I know the fish are cruising around.

You can tell the good ones usually by the life surrounding the area.

There will be bait fish popping, fish jumping and the water will usually have some kind of current either by wind or tide. This a bank kind of lure so put the trolling motor on go mode and move down the bank.

You want to cover a lot of water while throwing this lure and once you get a strike then you can slow down and fish the area from top to bottom.

A buzz bait makes a good search bait also so always have another follow up bait tied on another rod like a worm or a fluke.

If the fish misses the first bait then go back with another and catch it with that one.

This presentation will last till the end of fall when the fish finally head back to deeper water but right now it is a pattern that will hold for you and the big fish you catch will make a believer out of you.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fleet has had some great weather this week and they took advantage of it to fill the freezers of the anglers who went out with them.

The mahi have picked up again and it looks like the blackfin and yellowfin are going to be here all year with them.

Usually they tend to move out in the summer but they have been pretty cooperative this year.

The billfish are still here with some blue and white marlin releases along with the occasional sail.

It’s a good time to get out into the deep blue so call your favorite captain and book you a boat.

Near the shore and on the piers it has been a banner year for the pompano with fish being caught up and down the beaches.

Most of the anglers catch them on bottom rigs with shrimp or blood worms fishing for mullet and spot.

There are fish in not only good numbers but good size so if you want to catch one of the prettiest fish in the sea try your luck on a pompano.

The blues and Spanish are still hitting Gotcha Plugs and other metal baits and we still have some reds hanging around also.

Gavin Eure and his wife Crystal was fishing out of their yaks this past week and Crystal caught a 30-plus inch red drum on a Gulp lure in Oregon Inlet.

Any drum out of a kayak is a good one but a quality fish like that will take you for a sleigh ride you will not soon forget.

Great work Crystal and keep those pictures coming.

Here locally we are still on a great white perch bite with white Beetle Spins and Uncle Jessie lures tipped with shrimp doing their best to fill the coolers.

There is a rumor running around that pink is a hot color also so don’t be afraid to switch things up on those perch.

The largemouth are still in a summer time pattern with top water in the morning then soft plastics after the sun gets high.

Buzz baits, Pop-Rs and Whopper Ploppers are the go to baits for top water then what ever bait you like to throw on a texas rig after that.

I prefer bug baits then worms but what bait you have the most confidence in should be your first pick.

If anyone gets out send me a report and a picture to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook.