High water fishing after a major storm


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lucky for us the hurricane decided to stay south but we did see some affects with the rising water in our rivers and creeks.

The storm surge moved up the rivers and the fish decided to take advantage of it by moving up the banks with it.

When the rivers come up like that and the wind crashes the banks with waves it generates a lot of oxygen in the shallows.

This lets the bait fish and the fish move up comfortably in almost no water. When it comes to fishing for largemouth I love to fish shallow so this is a gift that I will take advantage of when it happens.

My go to baits for this type of fishing are top water plugs like Pop-Rs and Whopper Ploppers but I always have a Fluke bait of some kind on a spinning rod so I can skip the bait up between the trees and stumps.

This action looks like a bait fish fleeing from a predator so a lot of strike happen as soon as the bait stops.

Make sure you use heavy line or braid to snatch these fish out of the forest when they do strike.

I also like to throw a spinner bait with twin willow leaf blades and a small square bill crank bait in shad pattern during the high water.

You are trying to match the hatch so be aware of bait fish activity while fishing and try to duplicate the forage.

Some of these places are high and dry when the water goes back down so take advantage of the fishing while the fishing is good.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore reports are slim to none but I did get word that the tide line outside Oregon Inlet is loaded with Spanish mackerel and blues.

The boats should be out again by this weekend so keep an eye out on Fishing with Mike for updates.

The surf and pier report is excellent with the high winds bringing the drum back within casting distance.

Big bulls have been reported on all the piers as well as the usual mullet, blues and Spanish.

Some piers have reports of 6 to 10 fish a day coming over the rails so head to the planks and get you some.

On the surf the reports have also been picking up with lots of blues up and down the beaches along with tons of speckled trout up in the surf.

Metal baits are picking off the blues and Gulp baits and other soft plastics are working in the surf for the specks.

You may have to work your way through the small ones first before you get a keeper but I can think of worse things to do with my time.

Here locally I have very little news other than some largemouth guys getting out and finding the shallow fish.

The water will drop over the next week so the fish will simply move out to the other stumps nearer to the main channel when that happens.

The white perch are still abundant and shallow also with the usual white Beetle Spins and Uncle Jessie lures paying off for those fish.

If anyone gets out this week make sure you send me some pics and a report to my Facebook page or email me at fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com.