Practicing with video? Start with the set up


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Last week’s column focused on the benefits of using video as a way to “practice” without even visiting the local lanes.

That story simply introduced the idea of finding video and observing the tendencies of these successful bowlers. What the story didn’t share with you though was what to be observing.

I would suggest that the obvious place to start is with the setup, beginning with how the bowler puts his fingers in the ball. To the nonbowler reading this, that might be the craziest thing you’ve read in a while, but it really does make a difference.

When I first began bowling, I would put my thumb in the ball first. When I began taking up the sport a little more, I learned that for me (and most successful bowlers) it was actually better to put my fingers in the ball then roll the ball down unto my thumb.

Is there a right or wrong way to insert the fingers and thumb? That is entirely dependent on the bowler and his personal comfort and preference. There are even some bowlers who do not use a thumb hole. Problem solved!

What about the position of the fingers? Are they spread apart or pulled together? How about the little finger? Is it curled under or flat on the ball?

I learned while bowling on a junior scratch tour that curling my pinkie finger under would help generate a little more hook on the ball and having my fingers pulled closer together would help too.

So, I also concluded that the opposite was true as well. Remember back in school when someone taught that for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction? I finally put that to good use! If I wanted to kill some of the hook on a shot, like shooting a 7-pin for me as a lefty, I could spread my fingers farther apart and the ball wouldn’t hook as much.

Next week, I’ll share a little more about the set-up, but for now, let’s see who posted the big scores during the last week of November.

Mark Tarkington’s 247-644 paced the men from Fellowship League last Tuesday night, followed by Lee Owen’s 246-615, Lindsey Perry’s 217-608, Chris Farrell’s 226-602, and Boris Beatty’s 235 game. Derrick Spruill bagged some nice handicap numbers with a 264-715.

The ladies from Fellowship were again led by Kaytee Simpson’s 220-538, along with Bobbi Jo Tarkington’s 188-504 and Brittney Gaumond’s 164-453.

John Greer blasted the pins to the tune of a 238-672 to top MLK action last Thursday. John Bradley claimed the high game of the night as part of his 256-642, while Lake Krehel added a nice 239-630.

Leading the MLK ladies were Debbie Winslow’s 190-512, Britney Gaumond’s 187 game and Stephanie Winslow’s 171 game.

Boris Beatty led Monday Night Mixed with his 215-588, finishing just ahead of John Turner’s 205-577 and Jeremy Beasley’s 205-538. Terrence Riddick and Steve Spoonire added nice games of 214 and 206 respectively.

Debbie Winslow led the ladies from Monday night with her 201-548, followed by Esther Saunders 202-510, Susie Thomas’s 161-465, and Sheri Norwood’s 175 game.

In ladies-only league action last week, Carol Hodge claimed both the high game and series (179-474) during her All American Ladies session last Thursday morning. Pamela Griffin (161-465) from Wednesday night’s Albemarle Rollers had the second high outing during the ladies’ leagues.

Stella Miller (169-453), Patsy Sanders (149-437) Charlene Fetters (179 game), and Carolyn Richardson (174 game) turned in additional top performances during All-Alberican Ladies, while Susie Thomas (172-441) and Sharon Hunt (172-440) joined Pamela Griffin atop the Albemarle Rollers’ leaders.

Violet Olds tamed the pins for the first female 200 score in quite a while with a 206 during her second game of the youth league. She finished with a 396 series and became the fifth youth bowler to score a 200 game this season. Congratulations Violet! Elizabeth Scaff trailed only Violet with a 128-352 while Lindsay Porter added a 122-324.

Ben Hawkins topped the youth boys with a 186-523, followed by Bryce Hawkins’ 176-510, Thomas Adams’ 160-474, and Christopher Vinson’s 179 game.

Tristan Hardison paced the bumper league with a 105 game.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.