Now is the time for winter time fishing


Mike Sweeney sports fishing


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Well the holidays are pretty much over and it’s time to get back to fishing again.

I know what you are thinking, but Mike its cold outside.

Since when does the cold weather stop a devoted angler from fishing.

Just because the water temps are cold it doesn’t mean that the fish don’t feed because they still have to eat to survive plus some fish seem to pick up when the water cools.

It is striper season and even though there are a lot of small fish in the sound right now it doesn’t mean there are not any big fish.

Try to use larger baits like big stretch baits along the pilings or throwing large 6 inch swim baits and letting them fall down along the sides of the structure.

The crappie bite is on fire right now in the creeks with schools hanging around brush and stumps up on the inside turns in the creeks.

Small tube jigs or even live shiners will fill the coolers up to those anglers willing to brave the cold.

The catfish bite is also hot right now with large channel cats and even blue cats coming in on fresh cut bait in the channel drops and along other structure like the power line poles on the Chowan River just east of Edenton.

Make sure you bring heavy tackle because when you get a 30plus pound cat on the other end of the line it will pull believe me.

The largemouth have not stopped biting either just because the water cooled.

Try throwing a jig up in the creeks near the deepest parts.

The may be on the flat near the water or on the way down to the deepest part.

If you can find the deepest part of that particular body of water they should be in that area.

Later in the day when the sun comes up and heats up the bank it will make the baitfish more active so focus on the northern banks of the river or creek.

One of my favorite baits is a Rattle Trap this time of year and I will run it parallel to the banks with the current.

This could bring a largemouth or a striper to the boat you never know.

Just because its cold outside it doesn’t mean that the fishing is bad.

We all need to eat in the winter just look how much we ate this past week.

Happy holidays to all and if you do get out make sure you send me a picture and a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.

What’s biting, where...

The holidays and high winds kept most people shopping in the malls instead of fishing offshore so I really don’t have much to report from the fleet this week.

On the beaches we had some holiday anglers trying to catch some fish with some success being found on the southern beaches.

The point had some shark and some redfish action this week but with the low numbers of anglers it is hard to get an accurate report.

Now that we all got new gear for Christmas we will have to go out and try them out so I expect a better report next week.

Here locally I have reports that the crappie are still biting up in the creeks on live shiners and small tube jigs up in the creeks.

They seem to like the outside bends near deep water and if you can find a bush or laydown near there even better.

The largemouth bite is slowing with the cooling temps but an experienced angler knows that they are near the deep drops and to fish later in the day not first thing in the morning.

The striper reports have been a little slim this week but in know that Coinjock has some fish up in the stumps if you are willing to gamble those new lures you just got in your stockings.

Mann’s Harbor Bridge also has some fish but they can be hit or miss when it comes to stripers. It seems that any bridge on any day could pay off but you don’t know what bridge and what day so get out there and find out for yourselves.