Old technology returning through urethane bowling balls


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence of urethane bowling balls on the national tournament and local scene.

It seems that nowadays, if you don’t have at least one urethane ball in your arsenal, you may want to reconsider.

But why is this reinvention of the wheel taking place?

There are several reasons for the second-coming of urethane, the first being urethane is a little easier to control than newer reactive resin.

Facing a tougher than usual lane pattern, urethane offers better control and a more predictable ball reaction.

Reactive resin balls are made to hook harder and with every new ball release, the reactions appear to get even stronger.

The increase in the number of bowlers converting to a two-hand delivery, and the off the chart rev rates being produced, is another reason for the urethane surge.

One local bowler who has found success with the occasional use of urethane is David Ange.

David has flirted around averaging nearly 210 this year during Fellowship League while pulling out the urethane occasionally.

My own two sons, Ben,18, and Bryce,15, are averaging 164 and 161 respectively during the youth league.

As they prepare for their upcoming tournament season, they are likely going to be adding some urethane to their bags in the next couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle some of this older technology.

While there were some higher individual scores recorded from other leagues last week, the overall top league was the Martin Luther King loop last Thursday evening.

Paced by the dynamic duo of Mark Tarkington (258-675) and David Ange (267-671), the men from MLK posted a total of five 600-plus sets.

Joining Tarkington and Ange in 600-land were Denwood Williams (236-641), Paul Lacher (212-614), and Bobby Winslow (222-603).

Debbie Winslow’s 195-529 led the ladies during MLK along with Sheri Norwood’s 177-479 (665 with handicap) and Brittney Gaumond’s 189 game.

Without a doubt, the top individual performance last week came off the hand of Mark Tarkington, who during Fellowship League, tossed five 4-baggers during a masterful 257-728. Like MLK, the guy to only trail Tarkington was David Ange, who fired a nice 236-644.

Lindsay Perry earned ink this week with a 225 game while Woody Heckstall’s 215-584 rounded out the men’s top scores from Fellowship.

Orrin Kuhn topped all categories for the ladies from Fellowship with scratch numbers of 197-516 and handicap final tallies of 261-708.

Terrence Riddick, who typically averages in the low 160’s, found a quick line to the pocket to co-lead Monday Night Mixed men with a 244-601.

Paul Lacher shared the top series billing with games of 211 and 231 enroute to his 601 series. Rondell Christian’s 227-576 closed out the men’s top scores from Monday night.

Sharon Hoffler paced the ladies from Monday night with a 192-522. Mary Beasley added a nice 178 game as part of her 247-651 handicap tally.

The All-American Ladies witnessed a little “Turn Back the Clock” action when Ocie Manos topped all.

When I first began bowling leagues, yes, back in the 1900s, Ocie was one of the top female bowlers in the Albemarle area and last Thursday morning she found a little old form for a 191-535.

Right behind Ocie was Pat Dooley’s 165-433 and Mary Beasley’s 153-423. Debbie Regel added a nice 224 handicap game.

A night earlier, Pamela Griffin’s 194-494 paced the Albemarle Rollers last Wednesday evening along with Susie Thomas’s 175-442 and Patsy Sanders’ 179-438.

Tristin Hardison again topped the bumper bowlers with a nice 116 game effort.

Kaylee Winslow had the pins flying as she tossed a cool 100 pins over average series with her young ladies’ leading 147-405 performance. She also finished with a 668 handicap series, which is the second highest girl’s handicap series of the season!

Joining Kaylee, was Elizabeth Scaff’s 144-386 and Violet Olds’ 125-343.

Ben Hawkins’ 202-569 paved the way for the youth bowlers’ guys, followed by Bryce Hawkins’ 174-491, and Joshua Davenport’s 192 game.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.