Tarkington kicks up sand for Perfect Game #50


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mark Tarkington has come a long way from his after school practice sessions with his grandfather back in the 1990s.

His bowling with his grandfather wasn’t like most of us just spending some quality family time. His grandfather was Ed Hewitt, somewhat of a legend himself around Albemarle Lanes at the time.

I’m sure Ed, whom I was proud to call a friend of my own, was smiling down on the OBX Bowling Center last Wednesday night when his grandson blasted pins like fragile washed-up seashells en route to a first-game 300, his 50th perfecto since beginning bowling 32 years ago and his 10th all-time at the OBX house.

Lining up on lanes 7 and 8, Tarkington employed the power of a Storm HyRoadX to mow down the pins on his first 13 shots of the night, as he carried his string of strikes into the second game before a stone 8 pin ended the streak. He went on to finish the night with a 719 3-game series.

Tarkington’s been pretty hot at Albemarle Lanes since we turned the calendar a few weeks ago. Since the first week of January, he’s been averaging 232 during Fellowship League and a handful of substitute outings during MLK.

The PBA Regional pro participated in a non-champions PBA event this past weekend in Florida. His results were unknown as this story was being written.

On the local league scene Fellowship League posted to top numbers of the week led again by Tarkington’s 245-679 and David Ange’s 246-671.

Boris Beatty followed with a 230-648, while Stephen Marshall tossed a night’s high 265 game as part of his 640 series, and Chris Farrell added a 233-622.

Topping the Fellowship ladies was Orrin Kuhn, who entered the night with a 143 average and fired a ladies’ high game of 178.

Martin Luther King league turned in some impressive score last week as well with Jeremy Beasley’s 244-634 taking the top spot just ahead of John Turner’s 224-627 and Garry Williams’ 235-624.

David Ange and Lake Krehel broke the 600 barrier with numbers of 232-604 and 208-602 respectively. Eric Craft (240) and Troy Brickhouse (236) added other impressive games.

Leonora Vactor’s 204 scratch game vaulted her to a 269-655 handicap showing to lead the ladies from MLK. Debbie Winslow’s 185-518 topped the ladies scratch series list, followed by Sheri Norwood’s 168-461.

Lake Krehel blistered the rack a few times last Monday while posting a 256-620 to pace the mixed league of the night. Boris Beaty’s 235-614 finished right behind Krehl while Trence Riddick looked strong during a 232-596 (272-716 with handicap).

Susie Thomas’s 182-506, Stephanie Winslow’s 236 game and Linda Barrett’s 184 game were top outings for the ladies from Monday night.

Barbara Purcell turned some heads in leading the Thursday morning All-American Ladies with a 200 scratch game as part of her 278-682 handicap tally. It was Barbera’s first deuce game in quite a while.

Ocie Manos (171) and Mary Beasley (161) turned in other top games from Thursday morning.

Mary Beasley’s 177-479 also took the top spot last Wednesday night during the Albemarle Rollers. Sharon Hoffler’s 446 series trailed only Beasley, while Susie Thomas’s 174 game and Patsy Sanders’ 170-426 tally wrapped up the mid-week ladies’ session.

Tristan Hardison paced the Bumper league with a 101 high game.

Ben Hawkins topped the youth boys with his 197-537, followed closely by Thomas Adams’ 195-526 and Bryce Hawkins’ 186-486.

Also, a huge congratulations goes out to Aedan Thompson who scored his high game of the season with a 135. Since the fIrst day of the season, back in September, Aedan has raised his average from 46 to 73!

Kaylee Winslow’s 159-402 again led the young ladies of the youth league along with Elizabeth Scaff’s 126-370 and Cheyanne Hardison’s 108-305.

This Friday, February 15, is the deadline to register for the upcoming 35th Annual Senior Games. A simple one-time $10 registration fee makes any senior, age 50 (as of December 31, 2019) and up, eligible to enter a plethora of events. Some events, such as bowling, require an additional minimal fee to cover facilities’ use.

An entry in the the Senior Games would make a great last minute Valentines gift! Entry forms are available at any local senior center and there are a few still at Albemarle Lanes.

If there are any seniors looking for doubles partners, give me a shout out at the lanes and I’ll see if we can help you find a needed partner. I know of two men looking for mixed doubles partners at the moment.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.