Warm spells lend to better striper fishing


Staff Photo by Brett A. Clark Mike Sweeney, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, February 16, 2019

This year the striper fishing has become better and better with the past few warm spells but for some reason there are few anglers out on the water to enjoy the bite.

It is hard to imagine that in February the striper season is in full swing but my reports from local guides and anglers have been telling me that the fish are there and biting.

The sound bridge is still a little hit or miss but that has been normal the past few years.

What hasn’t been normal is the fact that the birds have been thick over the schools on the Chowan River and they show you the way to where the fish are.

The flocks of birds have been moving up and down the river systems chasing the bait along with the rockfish like the old days but you have to put your time on the water to find the fish and birds.

You can also use your electronics to help find the fish looking for schools of bait and stripers on the bottom then just drag a bait that matches the water column that the fish are in for that particular day and river.

In order to get this done you have to get off the couch and go fishing even if it is February and you normally don’t fish this time of year.

The weather pattern is hit or miss with some warm days and some nasty days so pick one of the good ones and send me some pictures.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fishing report doesn’t have a lot of boats going out but the ones that do go out are catching fish especially out of Hatteras.

Tuna are the normal bite this time of year with yellowfin and some blackfin but the bluefin bite is the one everyone is talking about.

Doghouse Sportfishing out of Wanchese is on a commercial bluefin bite and has scored some nice fish this year with some tuna over 400 pounds.

We also had a big king caught and even a nice mahi so if you get a chance to get out on the deep blue you should fill the freezer.

On the beaches and piers we only have a few scattered drum around the point but most of the reports have been skates and dogfish.

Here locally we have reports of good rockfish on the Chowan and Pasquotank rivers.

Captain Jeff of Albemarle Fishing Charters called and let me know that his last charter this week could have caught over 50 rockfish this week on the Pasquotank but they got tired of reeling them in and switched to largemouth for a change of pace.

That is the kind of problem I like to have when I go fishing.

It’s a Rattle Trap bite from what he said but that doesn’t surprise me at all for our waters.

The creeks are still the place to go for crappie and largemouth with most of the crappie found on the drop offs in about 10 or 12 feet of water.

The largemouth are on soft plastics and slow rolled crank baits on the ledges.

If anyone gets out this week send me a report and some pics to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.