ECSU hosts CIAA round-up at OBX Bowling Center


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

ECSU opened its bowling center on campus in 1991, and about 10 years later, fielded its first official school bowling team, led by Jody Williams.

Through the years, the bowling program at ECSU has experienced the usual ups and downs, just like any other collegiate program, whether bowling, or any other sport.

One of Williams’ former team members, Penny Eure, took over the program last year as head coach and is working hard to rebuild the bowling program at the local university.

Eure would like for the young female bowlers of the area to know that ECSU can offer them the opportunity to compete on the collegiate level while earning their college degree.

In addition to potential scholarship opportunities, being a member of a college bowling team can help build relationships and memories that can last a lifetime, and that’s exactly what took place recently on the Outer Banks.

Last weekend, the Lady Vikings hosted the rest of the conference in the CIAA Roundup at the OBX Bowling Center in Nags Head.

At the end of the round up, it was Fayetteville State who proved to be head and shoulders above the rest of their CIAA foes, going an undefeated 15-0 across the 3-day event and to the victors, go the spoils, as Fayetteville State University will host the next CIAA event during the second weekend of March.

Good luck to the lady bowlers of ECSU as they wrap-up the 2018-2019 season and look to continue in building its bowling program.

If there are local young ladies interested in joining Coach Eure and the ECSU bowling family, they are urged to contact her at peure@ecsu.edu. There are also opportunity for current university students to schedule a walk-on try-out to possibly join the team

Each week when I pull scores to feature here, I usually begin with a league the league that post the most 600 series. This week is a little different in that Fellowship League posted the least number of 600 series; however, they had three eclipse the 700 mark!

It all started with Mark Tarkington’s 279-733, where he was a stubborn 5th frame 9-pin from 300 number 51, and ended the night on a 16 of 17 strikes roll!

Meanwhile, Tarkington’s teammate, Jevon Simpson was flirting with perfection as well, missing his 300 by an 8-count in the third frame during a 278-711.

While Tarkington and Simpson were anchoring down the low end of the house, on lanes 1 and 2, Paul Lacher was dominating the high end of center ripping the pins for a 267-718 on 11 and 12, bagging 10 strikes during his high game.

In addition to the panel of the 700-club during Fellowship, Lake Krehel added to some recent top-notch performances with a 222-618, while Kaytee Simpson’s 210-617 paced the ladies. Brittney Gaumond’s 191-535 joined Simpson on the ladies’ high scores list.

Monday Night Mixed nearly witnessed its first 700 of the season last week as Will Swinson carried the pocket well for a big-time 254-698! Will Evans hung right with Swinson for a 255-664, followed by Steve Spoonire’s 256-660, Jeremy Beasley’s 231-631, and Rondell Christian’s 215-629.

The ladies from Monday Night Mixed were topped by Debbie Winslow’s 211-578, Karen Ashley’s 203-463, and Bonnie Collier’s 172 game.

Martin Luther King League witnessed some folks earn a little ink for the second time in the week as David Ange 245-691 and Mark Tarkington (279-666) continued their hot rolling from Tuesday night. For the second time in a week, the pesky nine-pin stood in the way of Tarkington and another attempt at perfection.

John Bradley’s 255-644 put him in company of the the high rollers, along with Lake Krehel’s 232-631 and Garry Williams’ 242-630.

Debbie Winslow hit big again to lead the ladies from MLK with a 226-553, followed by Brittney Gaumond’s 195-535, Brenda Cowand’s 441 series, and Leonora Vactor’s 155 game.

Albemarle Rollers, from Wednesday night, posted the top scores from the all ladies leagues last week with Sharon Hunt’s 171-469 leading all. Sylvia Holley’s 167-463 finished closely behind with Pamela Griffin’s 163-464. Susie Thomas had the high game of the week with a nice 200 effort.

Pat Dooley’s 162-452 topped all during the All American ladies last Thursday morning followed by efforts of Charlene Fetter (154-451), Ocie Manos (170 game), and Carolyn Richardson (162 game).

Albemarle Lanes now has entry forms for this spring’s North Carolina USBC Open and Women’s Championship Tournaments to be held in Greensboro running from the first weekend of May through the first weekend of July. Entries are due by March 22.

Tristan Hardison led the bumper division with a sweet 124 game, followed by Connor Cafferello’s 104 top performance.

Ben Hawkins’ 225-549 led the youth this week, followed by Christopher Vinson’s 187-518 and Bryce Hawkins’ 191-510. The ladies’ side of the youth league witnessed Lindsay Porter’s 121-362, Violet Olds’ 118-349, Elizabeth Scaff’s 125-335, and Kaylee Winslow’s 119 game.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.