Local youth team raising money for cancer research

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Members of the youth bowling team, Brothers Squared, will be bowling to Strike Out Cancer during their state championship competition in Cary on March 31. Team members pictured are (L-R) Jacob Davenport, Ben Hawkins, Joshua Davenport, and cancer survivor, Bryce Hawkins.


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been or know someone who has been affected by cancer.

While doctors and scientist continue the tedious work and research in their laboratories to one day find a cure for this dreaded disease, those of us outside the labs will continue to support their efforts through our monetary efforts.

One local youth team from Albemarle Lanes will try to do their part at the end of the month when they travel to Cary to compete for the state youth championship, a title they finished as runner up just a few years ago.

The team, collectively known as Brothers Squared consists of two sets of brothers, Joshua and Jacob Davenport, from Columbia, North Carolina, and my two sons, Ben and Bryce Hawkins, from Hobbsville.

Each boy has a connection to cancer, some more direct than others.

For Joshua and Jacob, they witnessed the strain of radiation treatments their Grammy went through during her final two months of life, lost a cousin Jack to a rare melanoma, and now their Papa John, a previous cancer survivor, is fighting lung cancer.

The Hawkins’ side has been hit as well, with Ben and Bryce’s Nana now being a 10-year survivor.

They also lost a cousin to neuroblastoma at the age of four, before they were ever born.

If their team needs any more of a reminder of how cancer does not discriminate when choosing its victims, it need look no further than their lead-off man, Bryce, who in the summer of 2009, when just five years old, lost his middle finger from his right hand to a glomus cell tumor.

He now carries a 160 average on Saturday mornings.

To do their part to support cancer research, the guys are now actively seeking individuals to make pledges per strike each guy tosses during the team event at their state tournament.

Pledge sign up sheets are posted in Albemarle Lanes on the youth bulletin board.

Sponsors can choose to support an individual team member or sponsor the entire team.

Bowler bios and a predicted number of strikes can be found with the sponsor sheets.

Sponsors can also sign up to sponsor by sending an email to ecyouthbowling@gmail.com.

One guy I’m sure Brothers Squared would love to sneak into their line-up is Mark Tarkington, who on last Tuesday, went to the bottom of his endless arsenal of bowling balls, pulled out the newest Storm urethane sphere, the Fever Pitch, and closed his night with the final 16 strikes, recording 300 game number 51 overall and number 25 in Albemarle Lanes! He finished the night with a fine 712 series.

Following Tarkington’s big night on the leaders’ sheet was Chris Farrell’s 233-667, Paul Lacher’s 253-655, Lindsay Perry’s 250-643, Jeffrey Barefoot’s 245-645, David Ange’s 212-610, and John Bradley’s 257 game.

Kaytee Simpson returned to 600-land with a 217-617 while leading the Fellowship ladies, along with Brittney Gaumond (201-547) and Bobbi-Jo Tarkington (158-428).

Joining Mark Tarkington in some pretty dominate bowling of late is Will Swinson, who is averaging a cool 233 over the past 3 weeks of Monday Night Mixed, posting a 253-687 last week. Lake Krehel and Boris Beatty pounded the pocket pretty hard last Monday, firing scores of 257-627 and 231-614 respectively.

Brittney Gaumond claimed the first ladies’ 600 series of the season on MLK last Thursday when she connected for a nice 249-607 to top all ladies. Debbie Winslow’s 200-565 and Brenda Cowand’s 201-470, trailed only Brittney’s big night.

For the MLK guys, it was John Greer taking the top spot with a 260-661, followed by David Ange’s 222-631 and Garry Williams’ 221-593.

Sharon Hoffler took the top spot last Wednesday evening during the Albemarle Rollers with a 181-518, finishing just ahead of Susie Thomas’s 176-454 and Sylvia Holley’s 166-402. Stella Miller took top game honors during the All American Ladies with a 178, to go along with Mary Beasley’s 172-466, and Patsy Sanders’ 166 effort.

Bryce Hawkins (191-538) took top series honors for the youth league boys, while Joshua Davenport (205-502) took top game recognition.

Ben Hawkins, joined Bryce and Joshua with a 193-537.

Elizabeth Scaff’s 168-437 topped the young ladies of Saturday morning.

The high game was Elizabeth’s personal high ever as a veteran youth bowler. Lindsay Porter’s 375 series, Violet Olds 147-364 effort, and Kaylee Winslow’s 128 game wrapped up the youth ladies.

For our local bowlers looking to improve their games, a great opportunity is being provided on March 30 at the OBX Center and on March 31, here in Elizabeth City.

On those days, nationally acclaimed coach, Ron Clifton, will be on hand to offer coaching tips to local bowlers.

Squad times are scheduled for 10 a.m. to Noon and 12:30-2:30 each day and each session will be limited to 8 participants.

The costs is $50 for adults and $40 for youth, plus the cost of your games during the session. To reserve your spot, contact Mark Tarkington at MTarkington@gmail.com.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!