Pond fishing in our area

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Here's Christian Lacher holding three keepers that were caught in the Pasquotank River Sunday morning. Lacher was out for a couple of hours had five fish and three keepers.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, March 9, 2019

There are a lot of ponds in our area and the thing about ponds is that they are slightly faster than the rest of the water ways.

In that I mean that when the spring rolls around the waters warm faster than the rivers and the fish spawn before the rest of their neighbors.

This means that right now in the ponds the fish are already moving into shallow water and thinking about beds while the fish in the rivers are just beginning the pre-spawn ritual.

The ponds are your best bet for a monster right now so if you are a big fish hunter then now is the time to go fish your local ponds.

I am an avid kayak angler so ponds are a familiar way of life for me and I have usually been on the water for a month by now but the rain and winds have made the past few weeks unbearable even for a diehard angler like me.

The weather will begin to break in the next week or so and I will be on the lookout for the big girls as they begin to move up to spawn.

I always start shallow then move my way back to the deep water this time of year and a pond means that the prime spots are easier to locate.

Focus on the north banks first then move around the pond looking for white spots near the bank where the fish have removed the debris from the bottom.

Some beds are in deep water especially if the water is clear and a stump or log is always a good bet.

I like to throw moving baits like Rattle Traps or square bill crankbaits to locate the fish then slowdown and pitch to beds to see if anyone is home.

Remember that they are there to make more bass so release all fish after you catch them to ensure the future of the sport.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fleet has been braving the weather and for good reasons.

The tuna bite has been better than ever with the closing of the commercial bluefin season already they are focusing on the yellowfin and bringing back limits to the docks.

Some of the fish are really nice size also and you can still catch the bluefin but unless they have a big fish tag left you have to release them.

Check with your captain in case you have any questions.

The beaches have been pretty slow and by that I mean almost nonexistent but there was one day last week that showed signs of life around the point and Buxton area.

We had some redfish and puffers show up for a bit but they are gone now. The puffers are usually the first to come into the beaches so look for the reports and keep an eye out for warmer days in the next few weeks.

The local reports are coming in a little more steady with a largemouth bite growing every week.

I have reports from the Chowan that they have begun to move shallow and are hitting soft plastics and jigs on the wood.

The creeks are my favorite place to start simply because it is usually out of the weather a little more and you can focus on boat position and presentation instead of fighting the wind.

The Pasquotank River is still on the rockfish bite with Captain Jeff from Albemarle Fishing Charters limiting out every trip on Rattle Traps, Storm baits and Rapala Husky Jerks.

I also got a report from local angler Christian Lacher who got out on the tank last weekend and scored a limit of nice size rockfish.

Great job Christian and thanks for the report. If anyone else gets out this week send me a pic and a report and we will do our best to spread the word.

Send them to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.