Preparing for the peak of bass fishing season

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Ayden Holland from Elizabeth City caught a nice quality fish on the Pasquotank River.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Right now in the Albemarle region we are about to experience some of the best bass fishing of the year.

The last full moon was a couple of weeks ago and the weather kept most of the big girls off the beds so this moon coming up will be a good one for the spawn.

The next few weeks will produce some of the biggest bass of the year and if you know what to do you can score a fish of a lifetime.

The pre-spawn will be in full swing this next week and with a couple of warm days in a row you should be able to see fish shallow working on the beds.

It could be a small male bass but don’t let that discourage you because the big girls are just out of site in front of those boys.

The males do most of the work on the beds and stay after the spawn to help guard the eggs so any action near the shoreline is a good thing.

Work a soft plastic back from the bed out into deeper water or if you have a small square bill crank bait then slow roll that back to the boat from the bed.

Sometimes you can catch the male and the female will move up onto the bed to protect it since the male is gone.

Then you can try your luck with her then.

Bug baits like crayfish or lizard baits on light line with as small a weight as you can get away with are what I throw at bedding fish but a lot of guys throw shaky heads or ned rigs.

The key is to aggravate them into biting the bait so you have to stay calm and focused when the big fish move in.

Good polarized sunglasses are a must in order to see the fish hit the bait because more times than not they will simply pick up the bait and try to move it off their property so watch for the bite.

Last but not least these fish are trying to make more largemouth so take their picture and release them back into the water for future generations.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore guys got pummeled by high winds most of the week but we had a few boats get out in between blows.

The tuna bite is still pretty good but the numbers of bluefin are getting smaller while the number of yellowfin are rising.

There weather should prove to be better this week coming up so the tuna will be biting.

On the beach we finally have some good news to report with fish being caught off the point and other beaches south.

Mullet, puffers and even a run of blues made it to the anglers who got out this week. It’s about time we started to pick up for us surf anglers.

Locally we are still on a good striper bite but the wind has kept most of the boats on the trailers.

The fish on the Chowan are following schools of baitfish up and down the river and the birds are not too far from the action so watch the depth finder and the skies.

On the Pasquotank the fish seem to be up on the flats on specific cover like stump fields and dock pilings but if you don’t throw a Rattle Trap you may not get bit.

The Crappie have begun to spawn with schools moving up onto brush and trees in big numbers.

Try the creeks first then move into the main river and creek mouths.

The largemouth bite is on and it is beginning to show with some quality fish being shown off.

I got a picture from Ayden Holland from Elizabeth City who caught a nice quality fish on the Pasquotank.

Way to go Ayden and keep those reports coming.

If anyone else gets out this week send me a picture and a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.