Local Seniors leave their mark on the lanes


Mike Hawkins Bowling Columnist


By Mike Hawkins

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Every year, for three days in the spring, Albemarle Lanes hosts some of the most young at heart bowlers of the Albemarle Area.

That was the case last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as the local bowling center hosted the 35th Annual Albemarle Area Senior Games.

Overall, about 100 locals, of various abilities, took to the lanes to compete in men’s and women’s singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles, with the top three bowlers or doubles teams in each event and age division earning gold, silver, and bronze medals and the top six in each event earning an invitation to the North Carolina State Senior Games later in the fall.

A few notable performances came from Tom McKnight (226-641) Bobby Winslow (231-606) Gene Eason (233-606), Steve Kight (208-587) and Gordon Roylance (217-586) during men’s singles.

Gene Lingle created a stir, when just two days before his 94th birthday, he scrambled the pins for a 163 game!

Gold medal winners in men’s singles were Steve Kight, Gordon Roylance, Tom McKnight, Gene Eason, Rich Reboli, John Mazur, Marve Goff, and Gene Lingle.

In men’s singles, silver medals went home with Ronnie Beasley, Boris Beatty, Denwood Williams, Bobby Winslow, Fred Hill, and Myron Simpson.

The men’s singles bronze medals were claimed by Gary Nistler, Lloyd Beasley, Bruce Brehend, Starley Darnell, Jack Ireland, and John Purcell.

In ladies singles, the gold medalists were Leonora Vactor, Patricia Eure, Teri Locke, Joan Reboli, Ginger Latham, Mary Beasley, Carol Russell, and Esther Harris.

Silver medalist in ladies singles were Laura Bush, Debbie Winslow, Sharon Hoffler, Kathy Prieur, Patsy Sanders, and Sara Richardson.

Bagging the bronze in ladies singles were Amie Wallace, Susie Thomas, Dora Brooks, Jean Allen, and Emma Evans.

The teams of Boris Beatty and Murdock Spencer, Randy Ingalsbe and Ken Butkowski, Gene Eason and George Freeman, Blair Price and Earl Johnson, and Lander Latham and Myron Simpson earned gold medals in men’s doubles.

Silver medals for men’s doubles went to Gary Nistler and Mike Hawkins, Bobby Winslow and Tom McKnight, Joe Reid and Fred Hill, and John Purcell and Jack Ireland, while Ronnie Beasley and Lloyd Beasley, Marve Goff and Starley Darnell, Gary Lowry and Wynn McCallister, and John Mazur and Bill Cobb took home the bronze medals in men’s doubles.

The ladies’ doubles event witnessed the teams of Norma Perry and Dora Brooks, Lucy Vogel and Laura Bush, Debbie Winslow and Patsy Sanders, and Sharon Hoffler and Susie Thomas take gold, followed by Judy DeCrisci and Linda Kruegel, Kathy Prieur and Sherrie Payne, and Sheryl White and Jean Allen earning silver.

Ginger Latham and Emma Evans, Karen Green and Carol Autery, and Joan Reboli and Sandy Campbell earned bronze medals in ladies’ doubles.

Finally, in mixed doubles, Ronnie Beasley and Mary Beasley, Boris Beatty and Ofelia Beatty, Bobby Winslow and Debbie Winslow, Ginger Latham and Lander Latham, Denwood Williams and Sharon Hoffler, and Carol Autery and Marve Goff all earned gold medals.

Silver medalist in mixed doubles included Amie Wallace and Donald Spencer, Robin Roylance and Gordon Roylance, Bonnie Sawyer and Starly Darnell, Tina Jernigan and Emile Lapierre, Emma Evans and Myron Simpson and Princess Watson and Charles Watson.

Taking the bronze were Alice Griffith and Gary Nistler, Sheryl White and Mike Hawkins, Denise Price and Blair Price, Barbara Purcell and John Purcell, and Mary Hill and William Hill.

Congratulations to all the local seniors who participated in this year’s games and good luck to all who travel to Raleigh in the fall to compete at the state level.

In weekly league action, Monday Night Mixed posted some pretty awesome numbers last week as Will Swinson slammed the pocket nicely for a 265-650, followed by Steve Spoonire’s 224-646, Paul Lacher’s 235-645, Rondell Christian’s 228-643, and Lake Krehel’s 236 game.

On the ladies’ side of Monday night, Debbie Winslow led all with a 204-568, followed by Patsy Sanders’ 181-466, Sharon Hoffler’s 171-451, and Noreen Walton’s 174 game.

In Fellowship League action, Mark Tarkington’s 227-637 was the lone 600 series of the evening, while Lake Krehel (237) and Jack Atland (236) added some nice games for the guys.

Ben Dance, who averages about 165, claimed a nice 265-721 handicap night. Fellowship’s ladies witnessed Kaytee Simpson (211-583) and Brittney Gaumond (235-537) lead all.

Thursday night’s Martin Luther King league was paced by the 227-622 from Rondel Christian along with John Bradley’s 209-605.

David Ange (232) and john Turner (214) each added nice games. Sherry Huntley topped the ladies with a 187 game to add up to a 270-673 handicap night.

From the ladies-only leagues, Stella Miller’s 204-476 led All-American Ladies, followed by Sharon Yonek’s 155-447, along with nice games from Ocie Manos (176) and Charlene Fetter (169).

Wednesday night’s Albemarle Roller’s were topped by Pamela Griffin’s 172-474, Susie Thomas’s 163-440, and Delli Spaulding’s 147-401.

The youth leagues took the week off while two teams of bowlers made the trip to Cary to compete for their state championships in singles, doubles, and team events.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.