Whether to bass fish or not

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Maci Soria from Elizabeth City with a nice crappie.


By Mike Sweeney

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The winter is dragging on to no end this year with some days in the 70 degree area while other nights are still in the 30s so the question is do we go fishing or not?

The answer is yes we go fishing because the weather is hot or cold but the fishing is getting hotter every day with fish moving up the beach and out of deep water while the bass fishing is getting better also with the spawn coming closer with the up and coming full moon.

While a lot of anglers are still on the couch the best of the best are out there putting in their time and catching fish.

This is the difference between the diehards and the weekend warriors and while some of us think we are diehards the true anglers are out there in the wind and cold putting their time in and catching the biggest fish of the year.

We have people on kayaks catching largemouth on the shallows right now and we also have people catching big drum at the point.

These are the anglers who spend the time out in Mother Nature in the cold and wind catching fish while other people are watching fishing shows on TV.

Fishing is all about spending time out in the elements and seeing things that most people have never seen.

It is about catching fish that are the first to show up and that means the biggest most of the time.

It is about seeing your picture in the paper or the fishing reports on line while other people are still thinking it is too cold to get outside and fish.

This is our time to get ahead of the rest of the group and get in the lead of the crowd that still thinks it is winter time.

So let’s get out and put the line in the water and prove that we are leaders and not followers.

Then send me a report and some pictures on how you did.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing reports for the offshore guys are a little slim only because the wind has kept the boats tied to the docks in the creeks but we did have a couple of boats get out this week and they did pretty well considering the waves.

The yellowfin tuna are still biting and the blackfin seem to be always around even in the big waves.

We have some amazing water off our shore with currents and tides coming from all over the world to our shores and this means great fishing for all of the anglers who come to our area.

The beach is picking up with fish moving up the shore almost every day.

The point is beginning to show why it is so famous with some drum coming in along with some big blues every now and then.

The black drum are also coming in and the puffers are moving up the beach a little more every day.

This means that the northern beaches will be starting to turn on next so watch your reports or better yet make some of your own and go fishing.

Here locally the largemouth are moving up and biting getting ready for the upcoming spawn.

Jigs and soft plastics pitched to wood are a good bet but you want to look for warmer water.

Some of the rivers are in the mid-50s but if you move up into the creeks it is warmer and you could find them up shallow.

The crappie are pretty much on the spawn right now and are bunched up on bushes and brush piles.

If you catch one then stay put and keep fishing because chances are there are more.

Little Maci Soria from Elizabeth City did just that at a pond this week and caught some nice size crappie right from the bank just before a storm hit.

If a seven year old can get out and fish then why can’t the rest of us.

Send me a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.